‘From The Vault’ is a compilation of songs that Rick Springfield has written and recorded between 1986 and 1999 with veteran producer, engineer, songwriter, and lead-guitar player from his first touring band, Jeff Silverman, that have been digitally remastered giving the audience an entirely new listening experience.

Many of the tracks, such as “Dancin’ on the Edge of the World”, “Right Planet, Wrong World”, “You Write the Book”, “Dream in Colour” and “Religion of the Heart” are previously unreleased songs.
Others such as “Somewhere”, “Monkey”, “Love Receiver” and “My Depression” were later recorded for Springfield’s albums, but have never been heard in these versions.

Rick Springfield fans will be really pleased with this great collection of missing gems.

01 – Dancin’ On The Edge Of The World
02 – Right Planet
03 – You Write The Book
04 – Monkey
05 – Love Receiver
06 – Hey Eileen
07 – Dream in Colour (demo)
08 – Woman II
09 – Religion of the Heart
10 – Why Don’t You Dance
11 – Somewhere
12 – My Depression
13 – In Veronica’s Head


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