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Written of paper, it looks not short of impressive read that SAXON, one of the pioneer metal acts in history is releasing their 20th studio album and in their 37 year as band.

And even more incredible is the fact that these veterans still can produce music with more character and class than their young competitors and with more fire and vitality than their contemporary peers.

“Sacrifice”, the CD in question, is a terrific, appealing and solid recording in all aspects.

Produced by vocalist Biff Byford with Andy Sneap mixing it and Jacky Lehmann engineering, “Sacrifice” sounds million bucks.

The album includes all Saxon trademarks; it’s heavy, it’s melodic and it’s powerful, but if you have followed the band in the last 25 years, you should know the NWOBHM style is gone since a long time.

Saxon is now, and particularly in this new kickin’ album, a modern sounding Hard Rock act not afraid to include several Melodic Hard Rock touches.

Scarratt and Quinn make a mighty partnership ripping out muscle rippling riffs, firing out catchy motifs that have you hooked from the off, while Carter and Glockler really have the bass and drums locked into place with an assured and deserved confidence.

However, unlike most of the vocalists of his vintage, Biff really is still this band’s strongest asset with his instantly likeable bellow still possessing an unrivalled story telling ability, while having lost none of its power, range or warmth.

After the short intro, “Sacrifice” finds Saxon hammering out a rush of guitars perfectly illustrated by the album’s title track where a gang-shouted chorus backs up a darting riff, while crashing cymbals and clattering drums punctuate the vocals.

This is how albums are meant to begin, but then the full-pelt rampage of “Warriors Of The Road” where the sound of Formula 1 engines reminds of the band’s classic ‘Motorcycle Man’, or the gut busting burst of “Stand Up And Fight”, could easily have introduced this album in the same inimitable style.

Irish instruments add a different twist to the catchy as hell “Made In Belfast”. Whilst the overall production of the song is modern with compressed synths padding out the verses and the vocal arrangement is truly melodic, the lyrics and chorus manage to offer that classic Saxon intensity and sound.

While in “Guardians Of The Tomb” the band slightly goes to a more Melodic Hard territory with great feeling, the aforementioned “Stand Up And Fight” will whisk listeners back to the muddy and piss-ridden days of Donnington.

“Walking The Steel” is what it is – Saxon at their best singing about alloy metal with profundity and bouncing riffs.

In truth though, for the full ten songs on show here, Saxon never put a foot wrong. Although a further special mention also needs to go to the spiralling riff of “Night Of The Wolf” and the strutting, preening “Standing In A Queue”, the latter of which closes this album in fine, fine style.

“Sacrifice” is a superb rockin’ album from a band that whilst still tapped into their own roots, keeps staying fresh and remaining relevant to new audiences.

There’s something for everyone in “Sacrifice”; traditional melodic metal, modern hard rock and catchy melodic hard rock moments, all played with intense accomplished musicianship and deliverd with a first class production.

A deluxe 2CD version also will be available when the album gets officially released (February 22nd) featuring re-workings of tracks from the Saxon catalogue, some of them in orchestrated versions.

Saxon continue to release some of the best hard rocking stuff you could hope to hear. “Sacrifice” really is that good and should be recognised as such.

Very Recommended.

01 – Procession

02 – Sacrifice

03 – Made in Belfast

04 – Warriors of The Road

05 – Guardians of The Tomb

06 – Stand Up and Fight

07 – Walking the Steel

08 – Night of the Wolf

09 – Wheels of Terror

10 – Standing in a Queue

Biff Byford – Vocals

Paul Quinn – Guitars

Nigel Glockler – Drums

Nibbs Carter – Bass

Doug Scarratt – Guitars


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