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Sometimes you come across some music that usually slips under your radar on purpose, because it supposedly doesn’t fits your tastes.

Well, I found PURE LOVE’s debut “Anthems” as an Amazon suggestion while looking for an upcoming album from other band. The CD title picked my interest and the music resulted more than intersting.

The British / American combo Pure Love was founded last year by ex-London hardcore punk stalwarts Gallows frontman Frank Carter and guitarist Jim Carroll of The Hope Conspiracy from Boston, US; the two had met when Gallows supported The Hope Conspiracy in 2006.

I never heard both bands before so I investigate a little and their aggresive hardcore cocktail is not my cup of tea at all.

But occurs that Carter was tired by the angry and protest of his previous band, and wanted to create more melodic, positive music.

Perhaps the best way to describe his new intentions it’s in the lyrics

on the lead single from ‘Anthems’ called “Bury My Bones”: “I’m so sick of singing about hate / It’s never gonna make a change”. (check the video below).

So “Anthems” is the aptly-titled debut for Pure Love, because is exactly what this new band serves up in spades on this recording.

This is a collection of strut-worthy, good time rockin’ songs with an arena, stadium rock craft plenty of nice hooks and harmonized ‘woah-ohs’ galore. Sure, this is basically melodic riff-driven rock&pop but the one that is a really pleasure to listen as it’s ‘anthemic’ indeed.

Apart from the catchy and contagious “Bury My Bones”, there’s enjoyable rockers in “She (Makes The Devil Run Through Me), “The Hits”, “Scared To Death” and the poppy “Handsome Devils Club”.

“Beach Of Diamonds” or “Burning Love” lends more into melodic territories, while title track “Anthem” is indeed a lights-in-the-air bluesy anthem ballad which at some point reminds me The Cult.

Although Pure Love were never going to re-invent the wheel this isn’t their purpose at all, just deliver fresh-sounding rock songs with positive feel and vibe.

Frank Carter sings really good with an unmistakable British tone while Jim Carroll’s riffs are effective and ear-friendly. Production is pristine and well defined for all instruments, especially achieving a clear drum sound.

“Anthems” is a genuinely nice album to de-intoxicate yourself from your usual Hard / Metal oriented musical recipe.

I like it alot.

01 – She (Makes The Devil Run Through Me)

02 – Bury My Bones

03 – The Hits

04 – Anthem

05 – Beach Of Diamonds

06 – Handsome Devils Club

07 – Heavy Kind Of Chain

08 – Burning Love

09 – Scared To Death

10 – Riot Song

11 – March Of The Pilgrims

Frank Carter – lead and backing vocals

Jim Carroll – guitars, backing vocals, keyboards

Session musicians:

Jol Mulholland – bass

Jared Shavelson – drums, percussion

Oliver Edsforth – Hammond, piano, keyboards

Kate Orgias – strings on Heavy Kind of Chain

Sarah Carter – additional vocals



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