LOVE.MIGHT.KILL – 10 Mighty Killers (2013)

LOVE.MIGHT.KILL - 10 Mighty Killers (2013) mp3 download


Shortly after the release of their 2nd full length album ‘2 Big 2 Fail’, German / Italian rockers LOVE.MIGHT.KILL and their label Massacre Records are presenting “10 Mighty Killers”.

This is a compilation including ten cuts from their last two albums, with the ones taken from the first featuring a new mix and the backing tracks re-recorded by new keyboard player Sascha Onnen.

Love.Might.Kill blurs the lines between melodic hard rock and melodic metal, resulting in a modern sounding European Hard Rock product with an edge.

“10 Mighty Killers” features ten really impactful tracks where songwriting, playing, production and mix by Markus Teske (Saga, Vanden Plas) are second to none.

Love.Might.Kill is a combo that rapidly is gaining a strong fan base all over the world. Not surprising judging the quality in their delivery.

Crank it to 10.

01 – XTC

02 – Pretty Little Mess

03 – Restless Heart

04 – Caught in a Dream

05 – Burn The Night

06 – Home

07 – Too Big To Fail

08 – Tomorrow Never Comes

09 – Brace for Impact

10 – The One

Jan Manenti – lead & backing vocals

Michael Ehre – drums, percussion

Stefan Ellerhorst – guitars

Christian Stover – guitars

Jogi Sweers – bass

Sascha Onnen – keyboards


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