RED HUSH – ST (2013)

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RED HUSH from Rome, New York, have been rocking the US East scene since the beginning of the nineties.

Recorded in 1994, Red Hush sold at the band’s shows their self-titled, self-managed debut released in very limited quantities (500 copies) and on CDr only.

Now, with the group working on the second album to be out soon, European label / distribution company MusicBuyMail is properly releasing for the first time Red Hush’s debut.

Started as high school band, all Red Hush members are lifetime friends with the same passion for classic American Hard Rock.

The band experimented some line-up changes through the years, some forced as the loss of original guitarist Tommy Grago to diabetes. But Red Hush continued strong and decided to never give up.

Their sound is reminiscent of first Skid Row, Bulletboys, Spread Eagle, Mariah, Tora Tora and alikes, with sharp riffs and melodic solos in the best late ’80s / early ’90s Melodic Hard Rock style.

Moving and hooky hard rockers such as “Smoke A Little Freedom”, the kickin’ “Everybody Scream”, “High Gear” and the gang-backing vocals fueled “All Night Long” are interspersed with more Melodic Hard Rock oriented tunes like the groovy “The Red Light” (strongly Skid Row influenced) and the bluesy “Breakdown”.

Red Hush also lends to Hair Metal as in the extremely melodic & catchy “Friend Of Mine” and on “Leave Me Lonely”, which starts as ballad reminding me Mariah’s calmer moments, but at the middle the track explodes into a Ratt style.

Talking about ballads, “Take Your Wings” is a damn fine one. Opening with a really well arranged section including clean guitars, orchestrated keyboards and emotive vocals, the power-ballad format then takes the scene during the chorus in a tone bringing to mind one of the best Skid Row songs ever: In a Darkened Room.

The album ends with a rocking, upbeat – complete with cowbell – Hair Metal rendition to Grand Funk Railroad’s classic “We’re An American Band”.

“Red Hush” is a long lost US Melodic Hard Rock little gem packing ten catchy and foot-tapping tunes to party-on.

The production is as good as it gets for an indie release, quite well mixed & engineered by Bob Acquaviva (Boston’s Corporate America).

For years “Red Hush” was one of those ‘hard-to-find collectors item’, now it’s your opportunity to discover this hooky recording composed, arranged and played in the late ’80s / early ’90s fashion.


01 – Smoke A Little Freedom

02 – The Red Light

03 – Breakdown

04 – Leave Me Lonely

05 – Everybody Scream

06 – Take Your Wings

07 – High Gear

08 – Friend Of Mine

09 – All Night Long

10 – American Band

Shane Parry – Lead Vocals

Ray Abel – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Chuck Heath – Bass, Backing Vocals

Mark Madonia – Drums

Mick Brooks – Guitar

Bob Lett – Bass, Backing Vocals


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