ADVANCED SINGLES iTunes vol.2 (April 2014)

ADVANCED SINGLES iTunes vol.2 (April 2014) Bret-Michaels-Steve-Augeri-Joe-Lynn-TurnerFrank-Hannon-Electric Boys


As presented yesterday on the previous volume, there’s a lot of great Melodic Hard Rock releases waiting their turn in months to come, and the bands have offered the first singles at digital retailers such as iTunes.

Singer / songwriter Anthony Gravley has recently recorded with Liberty ‘N Justice, and it’s preparing a solo album, highly melodic as heard on “Where I’m Supposed To Be”. Same with Australian Dion Bayman which first CD (presented on this blog) was one of the surprises last year. His new single “Never Fade Away” is really good.
Poison singer Bret Michaels continues recording solo material, and the fresh cut “A Beautiful Soul” is indeed one of the most beautiful ballad he has written, you can feel the passion put into it.
Another artist going for habit of releasing a new song every three months or so is ex-Journey Steve Augeri. “Home Again” is a catchy melodic rocker from his pen.

Italians Danger Zone almost got ready the 2nd album since their comeback, and the hot “Fire Fire” is an incendiary hard rocker full of groove.
Norwegians NiteRain are also presenting a new single, “The Threat”. The song is awesome. I love the guitars, high energy and attitude that it delivers. NiteRain always has some great backing vocal chants that just have you rockin’.
Swedes Danger get really hard ‘n heavy on the just released “Body To Body”, while Come Taste The Band, a Deep Purple tribute band from Norway, has linked with Joe Lynn Turner for the recording of the classic rock sounding song “Tied Down”.

ADVANCED SINGLES iTunes vol.2 (April 2014) Bret-Michaels-Steve-Augeri-Joe-Lynn-TurnerFrank-Hannon-Electric Boys artwork

Do you remember the Swedish melodic rock band Sencelled and their self-titled album from two years ago? (presented on this blog). Well, they have moved to UK, and changed their name to The Spin. “I Need You” is the first single, a fun, party poppy melodic rock tune.
The Rack Doll is a new Finnish female fronted hard rock act. “Shanandoah” is the second single from their album which will be released in spring 2014. If you like ’80s Heart and Pat Benatar this is for you.
We have as well new singles from Tesla’s Frank Hannon, Electric Boys, and Swiss rockers China with the new song “Uninvited”, a commercial radio-ready ballad. Check as well the hidden track…

01 – Anthony Gravley – Where I’m Supposed To Be
02 – Dion Bayman – Never Fade Away
03 – Danger – Body To Body
04 – Bret Michaels – A Beautiful Soul
05 – Steve Augeri – Home Again
06 – Danger Zone – Fire Fire
07 – Come Taste The Band – Tied Down (feat. Joe Lynn Turner)
08 – NiteRain – The Threat
09 – Frank Hannon – Down The Road
10 – Electric Boys – Spaced Out
11 – China – Uninvited
12 – The Rack Doll – Shanandoah
13 – The Spin – I Need You
14 – Raspberry Park – Paradise
15 – hidden bonus

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