CHAOS MAGIC – Chaos Magic (2015)

CHAOS MAGIC - Chaos Magic (2015) full


The project CHAOS MAGIC is the band created by Frontiers Music as a showcase for Chilean vocalist Caterina Nix with all songwriting duties being supplied by talented Finn Timo Tolkki… does he ever stop? Recently we had his Timo Tolkki’s Avalon new release (featuring Ms. Nix amongst others), then the excellent Allen-Lande ‘The Great Divide’ and now this; “Chaos Magic”.

From the very first note it is clear that Chaos Magic has been wonderfully produced by Mr. Tolkki… everything is crystal clear and Caterina Nix’s vocals are just plain wonderful throughout.
Opener ‘I’m Alive’ begins with pounding synth violins and a choir until Timo breaks loose. The main keyboard refrain is odd but effective and the Within Temptation comparisons start, but don’t finish, here.

CHAOS MAGIC - Chaos Magic (2015) inside

‘Dangerous Game’ features only keyboards and vocals until the thunder kicks in again. There are also some very effective “pauses” thrown into the mix in this one. ‘One Drop of Blood’ is pure Within Temptation from the tone of the guitar through to Caterina’s vocals, but that doesn’t detract from the sheer quality provided.

‘From The Stars’ has one of those big kitchen sink type openings – so orchestra…check, choir…check, power drums…check, screaming guitar…check, but then it suddenly drops back to a lone piano and vocals. The song slowly builds again through to the chorus. Definitely a great vocal showcase this one.

‘Please Don’t Tell Me’ is slightly different in feel as it brings to mind Nightwish on one of their Celtic flavoured numbers. There’s a prominent use of the flute on this one, and it is all very acoustic with a lightweight keyboard refrain and seagulls backing the clear lead vocal before at 3:21 all heaven breaks loose for well 30 seconds.

Despite Tolkki’s musical background, “Chaos Magic” is a light-sounding project. All is very melodic, pretty commercial and polished to the extreme, while Nix’s vocals are sensual and powerful without being operatic.
Excellent production, some glorious vocals, atmospheric passages and well written songs: Mr. Tolkki is definitely on to a winner with this one!

01. I’m Alive
02. Dangerous Game
03. One Drop Of Blood
04. Seraphim
05. From The Stars
06. A Little Too Late
07. Passionflow
08. Dead Memories
09. Please Don’t Tell Me
10. Right Now
11. The Point Of No Return

Caterina Nix – Lead Vocals (Timo Tolkki’s Avalon)
Jami Huovinen – Drums (Allen – Lande, Ring of Fire)
Timo Tolkki – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Production
thanks to Phil Berisford


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