STOP, STOP – Barceloningham (2016)

STOP, STOP - Barceloningham (2016) full

Barceloningham” is the new album by crazy rockers STOP STOP. There should not be a harder-working band than StOp sToP in the U.K. right now, playing everywhere. As suggested by the ridiculous title afforded this, their third album, this merry band of retro-fuelled hair metal folks formed in Spain, Barcelona, before choosing the United Kingdom (or, rather, its legion of rock clubs the length and breadth of the country) as its sleazy spiritual home.
There isn’t a week that goes by without this tousled trio playing at least four shows in sweaty, packed U.K. venues and clubs.

“Barceloningham” features a dozen tracks that have not one iota of originality between them… but who gives a toss? If you’ve ever seen this band live then you’ll know that fun is of the highest order and this record pretty much captures that spirit in its virtual grooves.
Mainman Jacob A.M. is the star of the show here, and, as he veers from Brian Vollmer (Helix) to Vicki James Wright (Johnny Crash) soundalike, you can’t help but throw a horned salute towards his seemingly unfaltering commitment to Eighties hard rock and all its party-hardy trappings.
Throw in some Jizzy Pearl, some Helix, a sprinkle of Skid Row, a rubbing of Roxx Gang, blend it with some Britny Fox and you’ve got a no frills, all thrills album that offers exactly what it says on the (shocking pink) tin.

Opening track ‘Won’t Hold Me Back’ the perfect sample of StOp sToP’s music; loud, ballsy sleazy / glam, some kind of bastard child from Skid Row and Steel Panther.
‘Spit It Out’ is pretty Helix, ‘Over &Out’ Poison on steroids, we have a Steelheart-esque song in ‘Billy No Mates’, and more hair metal-related sleazy cuts in ‘Out The Fire’, ‘Into The Pan’ and ‘Johnny Ten-Men’.

STOP, STOP - Barceloningham (2016) back

I guess that the majority of the copies of “Barceloningham” sold, will be after the band has just played another blinding, shit-eating grin-inducing live show in some grubby rock club. Not one person who buys it on the strength of the performance they will have just witnessed will be disappointed by its glam-smeared hard rocking wares.
Fun and entertaining stuff.

01 – Won’t Hold Me Back
02 – Spit It Out
03 – Over & Out
04 – Humbug
05 – Little Fighter
06 – Billy No Mates
07 – Out The Fire, Into The Pan
08 – Walk N’ Stalk
09 – Spanish Fly
10 – Barceloningham
11 – Johnny Ten-Men
12 – Your World

Jacob A.M. (vocals, bass)
Vega (guitars, backing vocals)
Danny Stix (drums, backing vocals)


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