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Hard Rockers STOP STOP! are a curious band. Not for their music, a mix a American late ’80s / early ’90s Hair Metal, L.A. Glam and Californian Hard Rock as heard in their second, just released CD “Join The Party”, but for the trio wandering gestation.

The story of Jacob A.M., founder, singer and bassist, has been a wild one. Born in Menorca (Spain) he moved from Barcelona via Milano (Italy) to Los Angeles, USA. He lived in a van in Sunset Boulevard right behind the legendary Whiskey A Go Go always on the lookout to find just the right people for his band, which he did in October 2009… but when he returned to Spain!
The first to join was guitarist Vega, who played in many bands but tired by the boring present musical scene, was about to quit music, and when met Jacob A.M. he found a musician with his same vision.
Soon after, a native of Bulgaria, drummer Danny Stix got inside, a skinny boy with massive hair and a bad ass, loud drumming style, the perfect soundmachine for he three-piece.
The group released their indie debut in 2010, but were aiming for bigger things.

StOp sToP! - Join The Party (2014) inside

StOp sToP! found in Britain a new home where they build a large fan base and contacts for the production of the second album, this “Join The Party”. A proper title for the CD, as indeed it’s an invitation to accept.
The first thing that impressed me was the excellent production. It’s bright and clear, helped by the as well very well done mix.
And then the most important thing: what a great collection of songs!

“Lost In The UK” opens the party with a Harley motorcycle sound and a guitar riff a la Cinderella, the first ‘hairy’ era of the band. It’s a pumping hard rocker with pulsating bass, kickin’ drums and a terrific guitar work. Vega, as heard throughout the disc, has learned perfectly the Warren DeMartini (Ratt), Jeff LaBar (Cinderella) and Vito Bratta (White Lion) books! The guy is a beast on the six strings, not extremely technical, but with a lot of feeling and bite.
And Jacob A.M. is a kick-ass singer, perfect for this style. His timbre is a mix of a raspy Kevin DuBrow (Quiet Riot) and Lizzy Borden, but much more melodic.

In fact, much or the songs to come are really Melodic Hard Rock oriented, always with the Hair Metal / L.A. Glam / Californian Hard Rock imprint all over. And it’s difficult to find a weak one!
“Love Machine” recalls Diamond Rexx with its raw riffs, title track “Join The Party!” is an irresistible catchy rocker with dry riffs during the verses and a contagious chorus (greatly arranged backing vocals), and then “Poser” adds groove to the proceeds but in a quite original way.
I was expecting a wicked hard rocker with a title like “Pigs Falling Down”, but no, this a superbly arranged midtempo melodic rock tune with a lot of style and class, although lyrics are a manifesto against corrupt politicians. Fantastic tune.
Just five songs and I’m sold. This is a great, solid, kickin’ and fun album for the summer!

StOp sToP! - Join The Party (2014) back cover

But there’s more; “Toilet Party” is a killer Skid Row-like stomper (awesome solo), while the bouncy “Bad Hair Day”, “In’N’Out” (with some Ratt on it) and “Lola” are pure Sunset Blvd hair metal.
Of course there’s ballads; “Coming Home” in a mid-paced Cinderella vein, “With You” where Mr. Big meets Tesla, and closer “My Friend”, just with acoustic guitars in the background and harmony vocals.

Fans of late ’80s / early ’90s Hair Metal, L.A. Glam and Californian Hard Rock, you’ll be surprised by StOp sToP! “Join The Party”.
It’s plenty of songs written, arranged and played in the best tradition of the genre, and the best part of it; all greatly done.
Seriously, these guys sound awesome, hooky, catchy, melodic. Don’t let pass this fantastic album for the genre, full of huge rockin’ songs ready for the summer.

01 – Lost In The U.K.
02 – Love Machine
03 – Join The Party!
04 – Poser
05 – Pigs Falling Down
06 – Toilet Party
07 – In’N’Out
08 – Coming Home
09 – Lola
10 – With You
11 – Diane
12 – Bad Hair Day
13 – My Friend

Jacob A.M. – vocals, bass
Vega – guitars, backing vocals
Danny Stix – drums, backing vocals


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