BAD BONES – Demolition Derby (2016)

BAD BONES - Demolition Derby (2016) full

Demolition Derby” is the just released, fourth album by Italian hard rockers BAD BONES, recorded, mixed and mastered at Domination Studio in San Marino, produced by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Secret Sphere, Vison Divine) with vocals produced by Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, Wonderworld) and some ‘help’ from talented Alessandro Del Vecchio.

So expect a solid production in “Demolition Derby”, not only an improvement over the band’s previous album, but also I hear a step ahead in terms of songwriting. Bad Bones have trimmed the song length to an effective, instant and catchy mark of three and half minutes.
These Italians sound more ‘American Hard Rock’ than many bands already born in the States. Their preferred style is late ’80s Californian Hard Rock, and they are quite good at it.

With prominent bass lines supplying the pump of the tunes, Bad Bones’ feels in “Demolition Derby” like mix of Mr. Big and ’90s Danger Danger, just check the contagious ‘Me Against Myself’ or ‘Some Kind of Blues’ for the former, afterwards ‘Endless Road’ and ‘Stronger’ for the latter.

Then the band provide variation at the middle of the disc with the only long track (6 minutes), a midtempo titled ‘Rambling Heart’ with fine atmospheres.
More polished hard rockers complete the record like the melodic ‘A Perfect Alibi’, the groovier ‘Shoot You Down’, the bluesy ballad ‘Red Sun’ and title track ‘Demolition Derby’.

Combining focused songwriting, very good musicianship and the proper production, Bad Bones have obtained on “Demolition Derby” a true late ’80s / early ’90s American Hard Rock sound.
The songs are catchy, melodic (many times with a melodic hard rock feel), with clear instrumentation and clean vocals by Max Bone (real name Max Malmerenda) in the vein of the aforementioned Mr. Big, Danger Danger, Paul Laine solo, some Harem Scarem, etc.
REALLY, really good one.

01 – Me Against Myself
02 – Endless Road
03 – Some Kind of Blues
04 – Stronger
05 – Rambling Heart
06 – Rusty Broken Song
07 – Red Sun
08 – A Perfect Alibi
09 – Shoot You Down
10 – The Race
11 – Demolition Derby

Max Bone (Max Malmerenda) – lead & backing vocals
SerJoe Bone (Sergio Aschieris) – guitars, backing vocals
Steve Bone (Stefano Balocco) – bass, backing vocals
Lele Bone (Raffaele Balocco) – drums
Roberto Tiranti – additional vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards


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