BE THE WOLF – Rouge (2016)

BE THE WOLF - Rouge (2016) full

Italian rockers BE THE WOLF will release their new album “Rouge” tomorrow November 18th, their second material via Scarlet Records. Seems the guys are really popular in Japan, with the album not only being published my prestigious Marquee / Avalon, but also with a deluxe edition featuring a bonus disc. This type of release it’s only reserved to major acts.

And listening to “Rouge” I can see why: Be The Wolf sounds mature, ready for the arenas.
Formed in 2011 in Turin, Italy, Be The Wolf had one goal: to write and play rock music, plain and simple, with no masterplan and with no need to conform to any genre, definition or label. Since then they released a bunch of singles, videos, and an EP that were very well received worldwide, especially in Asia.

Scarlet Records saw their enormous potential and signed them in June 2015. Their debut album Imago was released shortly after. The band was received tremendous support by the most important music media outlets including MTV, Virgin Radio and Rolling Stone, and were invited to perform in Japan, where they received the prestigious “Brightest Hope Award” by influential music magazine Burrn!

And what this power trio has to offer musically? Simple yet catchy heavy rock with a punchy rhythm section, crunchy guitars, and powerful but clean melodic vocals.
Since first track ‘Phenomenons’ you are hooked in with its solid beat and catchy chorus.
‘Down to the River’ is one of my favorites, slower and with an atmospheric anthemic Seventies feel yet with an updated sound. The song highlights the range Federico Mondelli’s vocals and while the melody is simple, it is beautiful. I think it showcases Be The Wolf raw talents.

‘Animals’ has a funky driven guitar all over, ‘Shibuya’ starts out slower but explodes in the chorus with an addictive melody.
‘Gold Diggers’ brings the album back to the sound I enjoyed during the first several songs. It’s bluesy again and features lots of bass & drums. This song is different in that the chorus slows down the song. It was very unique and I liked it – with the slower beat I can hear the lyrics clearly and that just invites the audience to sing along.

BE THE WOLF - Rouge (2016) inside

‘The Game’ is an interesting track. It again features lots of guitar. When I heard the beginning of it, I thought it might have been a Disney song – it has that simplistic raise in the scale for the vocalist that many children’s songs have. Be The Wolf builds on that initial scale and transforms the song into a rocking song.
In my opinion, they saved one of the best songs for last. ‘Freedom’ is very bluesy and the tone of the vocals melds into the arrangements that highlights the strengths of each band member. It’s also faster and just a great song to get you out on a dance floor.

Don’t be fooled byt the ‘heavy’ cover artwork, “Rouge” is a very solid, mature and enjoyable album by Be The Wolf, mixing classic rock styles including groove and catchiness with a modern sound. Considering there are only three band members the music has a full sound, and production is bright & punchy.
Very good, effective and entertaining stuff.

01 – Phenomenons
02 – Down to the River
03 – Animals
04 – Blah Blah Blah
05 – Shibuya
06 – Gold Diggers
07 – Peeps
08 – Rise up Together
09 – The Game
10 – Freedom

Federico Mondelli – vocals, guitar
Marco Verdone – bass, backing vocals
Paul Canetti – drums


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