VOODOO VEGAS – Freak Show Candy Floss (2016)

VOODOO VEGAS - Freak Show Candy Floss (2016) full

Tomorrow Oct. 4th is the release date of album number two from UK’s VOODOO VEGAS, the double V’s serving up a helping of big pink madness on a stick, otherwise known as “Freak Show Candy Floss“.
Taking a baseball bat to the oft-quoted ‘difficult second album’ syndrome, Voodoo Vegas prove that it’s not that hard to forge a damn good follow-up if you’ve got real talent.
On the basis that what critics want is ‘something the same but better’, Voodoo Vegas have produced a new album of revved-up rock which encapsulates their innate Britishness, honed by hard work touring the European festival circuits.

To do so Voodoo Vegas stay true to their roots, a bluesy base given a commercial boot to the rear and an injection of adrenaline. Whether it’s Tesla, Electric Boys or at times a surprisingly gritty early ’90s feel they’re channeling, this lot know how to add the oomph that makes good old fashioned rough and tumble rock n’ roll, fresh vital and important.

New guitarist Jon “JD” Dawson is the go-faster stripes on an already lean machine, forming a twin axe-attack with Meryl Hamilton that’s as complementary as pie and peas. Stick-smith and easily the most eloquent man-at-the-back, Jonno Smyth, and bass-tickler, Ash “The Beast” Moulton lay down a foundation which is as solid as a concrete hippo.
All of which allows front-man extraordinaire, Lawrence Case, to flaunt and flush his pipes all over this excellent album. He also mixes up some delicious harmonica which is rarely heard to such good effect in hard rock.

VOODOO VEGAS - Freak Show Candy Floss (2016) inside

After the rollicking, ear-bollocking opener “Backstabber” slaps the listener upside the head, Voodoo Vegas rampage through these new songs with wildfire intensity and incredibly intelligent writing and song-structuring like on the brilliant “Resolution” (Scorpions’ Matthias Jabs surely giving a reverence to that solo).

“Killing Joke” is just a classy slab of granite whilst “Poison” prowls with bluesy menace. Juggernaut riffage motors throughout the album and is most orgasmic on “I Hear You Scream” and “Black Hearted Woman” (Dio is smiling down – or up – on this one) whilst album closer “Walk Away” is heavier than gravity – the Voodoo’s on fire.
Radio-friendly “Long Time Gone” with a wicked groove has the band at its most vocally powerful, as does “Sleeping In The Rain” – the compulsory, but definitely not gratuitous, ballad-in-the-bag.

A candy floss melts after the first lick, but the Freak Show which is Voodoo Vegas will last long on the tongue. You may have heard their likes many times before but that doesn’t stop Voodoo Vegas and their “Freak Show Candy Floss” from being a boiling blast of British hard rock.
Freak Show Candy Floss? Make mine a large pink one!
Highly Recommended


01 – Backstabber
02 – Long Time Gone
03 – Resolution
04 – Killing Joke
05 – Lady Divine
06 – Poison
07 – Black Heart Woman
08 – Sleeping in the Rain
09 – I Hear You Scream
10 – Walk Away

Lawrence Case – Vocals, Harmonica
Merylina Hamilton – Guitar
Ash Moulton – Bass
Jonno Smyth – Drums
Jon Dawson – Guitar



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