BURNT OUT WRECK – Swallow (2017)

BURNT OUT WRECK - Swallow (2017) full

Swallow“, the debut album from ex Heavy Pettin’s Gary Moat new band BURNT OUT WRECK to be released on 10th February 2017 through Cherry Red Records.
Former drummer in Heavy Pettin, Gary Moat is now concentrated on vocals & rythm guitar. In last two years he assembled a new band, Burnt Out Wreck, and this debut CD is a huge slice of full on, punchy classic hard rock with guitar riffs galore.

If you’ve been a fan of heavy rock for as long as I have – and that’s quite a tidy sum of years now – then you might well recall the name Gary Moat. That’s right! He was the drummer in Scottish hard rockers Heavy Pettin back in the day, a rock-solid tub thumper an’ no mistake, which debut album was produced by no-other than Queen’s Brian May.
Now, Burnt Out Wreck’s debut “Swallow” is co-produced by Moat and Steve Rispin (Asia, Inglorious) at his Liscombe Park Studio, mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Rolling Stones, etc) and the overall sound has many nods to his former band, but also all classic hard rock from different eras.

The first couple of songs are the eponymous cut and the title track, and both rock like hell.
“Burnt Out Wreck” casts them in the role of indefatigable rockers who won’t be denied – and benefits from some quite stunning guitar work from Adrian Dunn, a long-time cohort of Moat’s – while “Swallow” is probably even better, taking to task politicians, Big Business, and just about anyone else it can find in its crosshairs.
These are followed by “She’s The One” which swings in on the back of a mighty groove and thumping chorus.

“Pulling It Out” is the type of thing that does actually suit Moat’s rather Bon Scott voice, and musically this is mighty fine stuff, full of riffs.
Then we have a bunch of UFO-meets-Magnum hard rockers, like “Talk About Love” and the ebullient “Medusa”. The band delivers an anthem in “Flames” – a real fists in the air thing – another cracker easy for the arenas, and the ballad “Your Love (Is All I Need)” is lovingly done, as is the bluesy stomp of “Rocking Man”.

BURNT OUT WRECK - Swallow (2017) back

“Best of Your Life” finish the album as it started – in heads-down, balls-out fashion – and the final verdict is an easy one to arrive at: If you love classic hard rock as it used to be played, with well-written tunes and top-drawer playing & production then you’ll quite probably not hear better than Burnt Out Wreck’s “Swallow” for some little while to come.
It may be a hard fact for you to swallow, but old rockers really do it better…

01. Burnt out Wreck
02. Swallow
03. She’s the One
04. Pullin’ It Out
05. Talk About Love
06. Medusa
07. Flames
08. She’s a Dirty Love
09. Your Love (Is All I Need)
10. Rockingman
11. Best of Your Life

Gary Moat – vocals, rhythm guitar
Adrian Dunn – guitar, backing vocals
Alex Carmichael – bass, backing vocals
Paul Carnevale – drums


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