AVIARY – Heartless (2015-2017)

AVIARY - Heartless (2015-2017) full

After the couple AVIARY posts here one of you asked for the band’s new album “Heartless” released via their own label AV Records. Yes, few noticed that Aviary is back in business!

Aviary were often described as one of the greatest Pomp Rock bands ever. Grandiose, pompous and bombastic, the unique songwriting talent of Brad Love and the musical skills he and his four fellow band members bring to their debut album, make it still, some decades later, a very special piece of music.
Their style with elements of early Kansas / Styx mixed with the perfect vocal harmonies of Queen is a pure delight for fans of late 70’s / early 80’s Pomp.

Some time ago, after the release of the unreleased tracks compilation ‘Ambition The Remastered Lost Tapes’ (featured here on the blog) there was a renewed interest in Aviary’s music by Pomp fans all over the world.
One of the main reasons that Aviary did not get back together before was because singer, songwriter and keyboardist Brad Love was living in Texas.
But around five years ago Love moved back to CA and Aviary started working again.

The result is “Heartless”, a brand new album from Aviary appeared a couple years ago independently released. The response was excellent, with the band being asked to perform at many venues and submitted to play at Prog Power Europe.
Currently Aviary play around five shows a month, “Heartless” has been re-printed and there’s another album in the making.

“Heartless” delivers newly composed songs crafted in the classic progressive realm with relatability not common to the genre.
From the unmistakable vocals of Brad Love, through solid arrangements, performances and production, this new disc embodies an excellence of content typical to this band.

AVIARY - Heartless (2015-2017) inside

While there’s less pomp / multi-part vocal harmonies in favor to a more melodic, proggy sounds and arrangements, “Heartless” is typical Aviary.
Listed among The 40 Best AOR Vocalists of all time by Team Rock / AOR Magazine, Brad Love keeps his voice in really good shape and didn’t lost the inspiration to compose original, unique music, and of course there’s lots of his magical analog keyboards all over the recording. Production is not bombastic as before, but good for and indie, self-managed product.

My air keyboard has been ready for a while now, looks like it’s time to plug it in…
Aviary are back, and you’ve seen it first at 0dayrox

01 – Don’t Follow
02 – Garden of Eden
03 – Army of Shadows
04 – The Dead
05 – Too Much Talk
06 – Heartless
07 – We Could Be Lovers
08 – The Flame

Brad Love – Vocals, Keyboards, Backups
Toby Bowen – Guitars
Doug Love – Bass, Background Vocals
Peter Manner – Drums


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