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AVIARY – Ambition [The Remastered Lost Tapes] out of print

This another request that perfectly complements the previous AVIARY post: “Ambition [The Remastered Lost Tapes]. “Ambition” includes all the material recorded by the band previously and after their major label self-titled debut.
In fact, this is some kind of an ‘unreleased album’ because these tracks were professionally recorded to be part of the band’s second LP that it never was…
The band (still active) decided to dig out of the vaults and release by themselves (AV Records) this CD under the title “Ambition”, a collection of previously unreleased material. This album bridges Aviary’s initial times in Washington to Los Angeles, when they recorded their first LP “Aviary”.
On most this material, Aviary carried over the distinctive, multi-layered harmonies and melodies that dripped all over their amazing debut, but added a lot more complex instrumentation and heaping amounts of vintage keyboard / analog synth sounds…

AVIARY – Aviary [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] out of print

As requested, here’s a favorite of us: the Rock Candy Records remastered & reloaded reissue of AVIARY self-titled album “Aviary”. While still listed at the label’s website, the CD is out of print.
In a few words, Aviary is one of the greatest AOR Pomp-Rock bands of all time, and this album, a Classic.
Of all the great Pomp acts that flourished during the late ’70s, perhaps none can rival Aviary in terms of ‘pomposity’. And here we can include the likes of Styx, Kansas, Trillion, Angel and Queen, but this five-piece from America called Aviary were, in many ways, the kings of the genre.
Grandiose, bombastic, pompous indeed, and completely impervious to fashion, the unique songwriting talent of vocalist Brad Love and the musical skills he and his fellow band members brought to this album still make it a very special work of beauty.
And a pillar in Pomp Rock history. A must in your collection…

AVIARY – Heartless (2015-2017)

AVIARY – Heartless (2015-2017)

After the couple AVIARY posts here one of you asked for the band’s new album “Heartless” released via their own label AV Records. Yes, few noticed that Aviary is back in business! Aviary were often described as one of the greatest Pomp Rock bands ever. Grandiose, pompous and bombastic, the unique songwriting talent of Brad Love and the musical skills...