KRISTINE – Kristine [LP version 2017]

KRISTINE - Kristine [LP version 2017] full

We have already presented here the debut album from female singer / musician Kristine Yay or simply ‘KRISTINE‘, and her lovely collection of pure ’80s sounding music.
Now the album is being released on a special version vinyl LP by the prestigious NewRetroWave label.

Over the last five years and various successful singles, Kristine has become one of the most famous retrowave / synthwave singers and producers out there — and certainly the most famous woman in that group — but with her self-titled debut album, there’s a chance she could cross over into the mainstream.
Her solo songs such as “The Deepest Blue” and “Modern Love” are nouveau classics of ’80s retrosynth / radio rock&pop, bringing to mind as well that decade movie soundtracks. She can write great hooks and sing smooth melodies with earnest emotion.

‘KRISTINE’ includes some awesome titles like “The Danger”, “Summer Long Gone” and some other previously released songs along with some new ones where Kristine kicks that ’80s template into overdrive: bombastic drums, synth stabs, sharp guitars and ultra-melodious vocals.

These are the songs your synth-skeptic friends will be playing repeatedly for months, if anything because of their genetic similarities to the best of ’80s-era Heart and Pat Benatar.
All tracks seems escaped from a 1984 movie or a 12” inch LP, even sometimes is added to the mix vinyl scratch emulation.

Kristine said; “I set out to make the most ’80s record possible — as if it came out in 1989, when stories are unfolding while the sun sets in place… where it’s always summer… that’s what I hope people get when they listen to it”.

And Kristine did it. Her singing is easily the absolute epitome of the ’80s sound and this, his debut full album, gives her the chance to really bring the listener all the magic of an era.
Kristine also play most the instruments, and wrote every song with a sensibility rarely seen from a person that was not yet born in 1985 but creates music in that style even better that the original.

KRISTINE - Kristine [LP version 2017] back

“Kristine” is a stupendous example of how to do ’80s pop-rock / radio-rock AOR / synth movie-like music absolutely perfect. Kristine is much more than an artist influenced by the 1980s movement – she is the ’80s.

Her music is authentic, and call it cheesy if you want, but anyone who has been raised during these years will be transported to his teens listening this, a sublime mix of magical ’80s sounds that are charged with powerful emotions and delivered like a number one with a bullet: straight to the heart.
A Must Have

01 – Modern Love
02 – The Danger
03 – Summer Long Gone
04 – The Rhythm of Love
05 – Radio
06 – Wild Heart
07 – Everybody
08 – Burning Fever
09 – Heroes
10 – The Deepest Blue
11 – Sleepless Nights
12 – Last Left Standing

Kristine – vocals, all instruments
Diana Gitallog – additional lead synths
Sellorekt/LA Dreams – additional keyboards
Highway Superstar – slap bass, piano
John Bitzios, Alexandros Solomozis – lead guitars


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