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Here’s another request from an album appeared some time ago for promotion only: “Light Of Day“, by songwriter / guitarist SCOTT ROLAF featuring the great JOE LYNN TURNER as lead vocalist.

During the past 30 years, guitar player Scott Rolaf has been influenced by quite a few Classic Rock artists, particularly Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore. He has written and performed with various bands and artists such as the legendary Leslie West and two-time Grammy winner Muzz Skillings (Living Colour founder), to name a few.

Scott has composed as well various music scores for film & TV and produced over 100 commercials viewed on national television for top-named companies such as Coors Light, Remi Martin, Perrier Water, and Comp USA.
During the late 1990’s, he had a successful Radio Show heard on WNTV, The Scott Rolaf Show, which had over one million listeners.

Today, we are here talking about him because the musician assembled a top notch crew to record his own rocking songs under the title “Light Of Day”.
The session players consists of Scott Rolaf on guitars, Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow) on vocals, Muzz Skillings (Living Colour) on bass, splitting the snapping of the skins are Peter Falor & Paul Ciraolo, and rounding it up with the Hammond organ and synths we have Jack Ciraolo (soundtrack composer).

Rolaf says; ” This line-up is absolutely incredible! And it’s a dream come true to have Joe Lynn Turner as the singer. I was growing up listening to Deep Purple and Rainbow and sharing stories about him with my friends as a kid.
And now, to co-write and headline with him, one of the top vocalists of all time and a true legend, is just a dream come true”.
“With Muzz Skillings, I’ve been writing, recording and playing with for the last 14 years. He is the best bass player I have ever played with. He has a very unique style in and of his own, plays a great acoustic guitar as well and is an excellent vocalist. I love the uniqueness of this group of guys.”

SCOTT ROLAF feat. JOE LYNN TURNER - Light Of Day - inside

The result is “Light Of Day”, also known as Rolaf-Turner Project, a really fantastic collection of songs in the best ’80s tradition, Melodic Rock / AOR rockin’ tunes full of magic.
The vintage hard rock flavor of “Spinnin’ Round”, the awesome melodic rocker “Break The Chains”, or the classy, acoustically driven “Don’t Tell Me Goodbye” are real gems. This is among the best material performed by Turner since the Eighties. Truly.

But there’s much, much more. The brilliant ballad “Lost In Love” is a highlight, the bluesy-AOR of “Broken” has tons of emotion, the melodic mid-tempo ballady of “Find My Way” shows class and emotion and “My Life” is pure melodic rock bliss.
There’s also a track sung by David Cagle (Liberty N’ Justice) titled “Throwing It All Away”, a top class modern melodic rock tune, and a couple of instrumentals where Rolaf shows how good is with the 6 strings, clearly influenced by Jimmy Page.

SCOTT ROLAF feat. Joe Lynn Turner - Light Of Day - back cover

Mr. Scott Rolaf is a perfect example of the many smaller rungs it takes to climb that ladder of recognition. Almost a silent resource for the major leagues, the dictionary will spell out the definition of endurance, patience and technical skills as only Scott Rolaf can.
With the force of Joe Lynn Turner and Muzz Skillings, they are threatening to break Scott Rolaf wide open into the deserved household name of arena rock. This is a band of musician’s musicians.

The “Light Of Day” is pure classic rock, melodic timeless music. It’s like a ‘lost’ Joe Lynn Turner album, and a statement of Scott Rolaf’s talent.
Not available at stores, and despite of being self-managed production is really good despite its promotional intention.

01 – Spinnin’ Round
02 – Broken
03 – My Life
04 – Break The Chains
05 – Northern Lights
06 – Throwing It All Away
07 – Find My Way
08 – Don’t Tell Me Goodbye
09 – Lay It On The Line
10 – Lost In Love
11 – Piece Of Mind

Joe Lynn Turner : Lead Vocals
Scott Rolaf : Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Muzz Skillings : 5 String Bass, Acoustic Guitars
Jack Ciraolo : Keyboards, Hammond Organ, Synths
Peter Falor, Paul Ciraolo : Drums, Percussion
David Cagle : Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals (6)

Not For Sale

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