RSO (Richie Sambora and Orianthi) – Rise (2017)

RSO (Richie Sambora and Orianthi) - Rise (2017) full

RSO, the new band featuring guitarists / vocalists Richie Sambora (ex Bon Jovi) and Orianthi (Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper) just released their five-song debut EP, “Rise“.
This association is not surprising because when Sambora and Orianthi first met four years ago, they clicked immediately.

Despite being from opposite ends of the world, the two have everything in common. Both are platinum-selling singer-songwriters and world-class guitarists with magnetic stage presence and who share influences that range from classic rock to blues to R&B to hard rock.
Both have written chart-busting singles, toured the globe, collaborated with superstar artists, and have released three solo albums each.

And when they met in 2013 while performing in Hawaii, sparks flew, both creative and romantic. After moving in to their current home in Calabasas, the duo would often turn over lyrics in their kitchen while cooking dinner, Orianthi tinkering on Garageband, but it was Bon Jovi producer Bob Rock’s idea to build the home studio where he would eventually help the duo create “Rise” as RSO.

Out of the 25 or so tracks Sambora and Orianthi say they have recorded, the duo chose a genre-spanning selection of five for this first EP.
The authenticity throughout is palpable, which is no surprise — for the most part, the duo wrote every lyric about the trials and tribulations of their own romance.

The EP includes title track “Rise,” an uplifting classic rock anthem about “not taking shit from anybody”, the ambitious, emotive piano ballad “Truth”; the bluesy “Take Me”, and twangy “Good Times”.
Then there’s the smoldering, whole-hearted love ode “Masterpiece”, a melodic rock&pop track Sambora says he originally had the idea for 20 years ago.

RSO (Richie Sambora and Orianthi) - Rise (2017) inside

“Rise” is cool advance from RSO – Sambora / Orianthi. Both sing very well and their voices complement nicely, and both play fine guitar lines. Perhaps it’s too much diverse (5 songs / 5 different styles) but seems this EP works as an advance, a RSO presentation.
And the duo promises more in store, with a full album to come.

01 – Rise
02 – Masterpiece
03 – Truth
04 – Take Me
05 – Good Times

Richie Sambora – guitar, bass, vocals
Orianthi – guitar, vocals
Robby Krieger (The Doors) – guitar on 1
Alice Cooper – backing vocals
Abe Laboriel Jr. – drums


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