ALICE COOPER – The Sound Of A [EP] (2018)

ALICE COOPER - The Sound Of A [EP] (2018) full

Master of shock-rock ALICE COOPER is releasing a new EP today: “The Sound Of A”. The song is part of his latest studio album, and it’s accompanied extra tracks of spacial interest for Alice fans.

This is in fact some kind of a ‘maxi-single’, presenting a main title the song “The Sound Of A”.
This song has a special significance for th singer; it’s the first song Alice Cooper wrote entirely by himself. The song was forgotten for decades, until Dennis Dunaway, bass player in the original Alice Cooper Band, reminded it and played it to Alice.
“The Sound Of A” was finally recorded and is one of the most ‘hynotic’ tracks in Cooper’s last album ‘Paranormal’.

This EP is of special interest because includes as well four previously unreleased recordings from the Paranormal tour: the rest of the Columbus, OH, live show: Alice classics ‘The Black Widow’, ‘Public Animal #9’, ‘Is It My Body’ and ‘Cold Ethyl’.
These live tracks complete the show from which other tracks were previously released as bonus in ‘Paranormal [Limited Box Set] featured HERE

ALICE COOPER - The Sound Of A [EP] (2018) back

The good ole ALICE COOPER is still alive & kickin’, preparing more music and an upcoming tour.

01 – The Sound Of A [single]
02 – The Black Widow (Live In Columbus)
03 – Public Animal #9 (Live In Columbus)
04 – Is It My Body (Live In Columbus)
05 – Cold Ethyl (Live In Columbus)


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