ALICE COOPER – Live From The Astroturf (2022)

By 1974 the Alice Cooper Group had risen to the upper echelon of rock stardom… and then, parted ways. In October 2015, over 40 years later, record store owner and superfan Chris Penn convinced the original line-up to reunite for a very special performance at his record store Good Records in Dallas, Texas.
The result is the upcoming release “Live From The Astroturf“, featuring the original ALICE COOPER Group consisting of Alice Cooper (vocals), Michael Bruce (guitar), Dennis Dunaway (bass) and Neal Smith (drums) – joined on stage by Alice’s current guitarist Ryan Roxie (standing in for the late Glen Buxton).
A packed audience, believing they had come to Good Records for Dennis Dunaway’s ‘Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!’ book signing, were surprised to bear witness to a full-blown happening. The historic reunion show including all-time classics such as “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out” is now becoming available for the very first time worldwide.
The sound quality is amazing, benefited by a terrific Mix / Mastering where all instruments & vocals come out clear, lively. Cooper is in top form, and we hear some killer solos…

ALICE COOPER – Raise Your Fist And Yell [Japan HR/HM 1000 Vol.2 series] (2020) *0dayrox Exclusive*

After the recent post here of ALICE COOPER‘s album ‘Constrictor’ as part of the HR/HM 1000 Vol.2 Japanese reissues, as requested, here’s in exclusive ”Raise Your Fist And Yell”, from the same series released December 2020.
The album continues the slasher film trend created by Cooper’s previous album Constrictor, and of course the catchy melodic hard rock sound from the era (1987) courtesy of Michael Wagener producing and guitarist Kane Roberts & Kip Winger as band members.
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ALICE COOPER – Constrictor [Japan HR/HM 1000 Vol.2 series] (2020) *0dayrox Exclusive*

Today, September 22, is the 35th-year anniversary of the release of ALICE COOPER‘s “comeback” album ”Constrictor”, and the legendary shock-rock icon continues to tour and release albums at an impressive pace. Can you think of another artist or band that has made such a successful comeback after being down and out for a number of years?
To celebrate this rockin’ 1986’s album anniversary we’re featuring in exclusive the recent (December 2020) Japanese CD reissue of ”Constrictor” as part of the HR/HM 1000 Vol.2 series.
Writing the songs with guitarist Kane Roberts, Alice came up with very catchy and memorable ’80s style music that fit right alongside everything that was being released at that time: polished, commercial melodic hard rock produced by the men of the moment: Michael Wagener & Beau Hill.
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ALICE COOPER – Detroit Stories (2021)

Named for the city that launched the original ALICE COOPER group on the road to success, “Detroit Stories” follows last year’s “Breadcrumbs” EP as a modern-day homage to the toughest and craziest Rock n Roll scene there ever was.
In 1970, fledgling producer Bob Ezrin walked into a farmhouse on the outskirts of Detroit to work with the Alice Cooper band. Abandoning flower power Los Angeles, because they were the opposite of the hippie peace and love ideal, Alice had brought his decidedly darker gang back to his birthplace to the legendary rock scene that gave birth to hard rock, garage rock, soul, funk… and more.
Detroit was the only place that recognized the Alice Cooper guitar driven hard rock sound and their crazy stage show. Detroit was a haven for the outcasts.
50 years later Alice and Ezrin gathered some legendary Detroit musicians in a Detroit studio to record ”Detroit Stories”, Alice Cooper’s new album that celebrates that spirit for a new era.

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases January / March 2021 – Vol.1

New Year, new very good music / albums to come. Here we have our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases, the first 2021 batch, featuring top class artists / singles.
Among the numbers into this “January / March 2021 – Vol.1” advances we find new music from CREYE, ALICE COOPER, DEGREED, Toto’a STEVE LUKATHER & JOSEPH WILLIAMS solo albums, DIO, ACCEPT, DAVID LEE ROTH’s tribute to Eddie Van Halen, and many more.
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BILLION DOLLAR BABIES (Alice Cooper Band) – Battle Axe [HNE 3xCD Complete Edition Remastered] (2020)

Hear No Evil / Cherry Red are releasing tomorrow the most complete BILLION DOLLAR BABIES‘ album “Battle Axe” ever; fully remastered and with 2 extra discs.
Following Muscle Of Love in 1974, the original ALICE COOPER BAND took a break to consider solo projects outside of the band. The plan had been for the original Alice Cooper band to regroup and record in 1977, but by this time the name of the band had become very much synonymous with it’s lead singer – Vincent Furnier – who now had very much morphed into Alice as far as the public were concerned. The “solo” Alice record Welcome to My Nightmare had firmly separated Alice Cooper the singer from Alice Cooper the band.
Rather than abandon the intended album, drummer Neal Smith, guitarist Michael Bruce and bassist Dennis Dunaway joined forces with lead guitarist Mike Marconi and Alice Cooper keyboard player Bob Dolin, and signing to Polydor records, fashioned the abandoned Alice Cooper band album into ”Battle Axe”, calling themselves BILLION DOLLAR BABIES, a very deliberate nod to their previous incarnation.
The original album has now been augmented with a whole disc of pre-production demos, including non-album tracks ‘I Don’t Know Babe’, ‘Wallow Through This Madness’, ‘Only One Will Walk Away’ and ‘High Heels Hollywood’. The Billion Dollar Babies only played four live shows before disbanding, but thankfully someone was around to record the very first of these shows, in Flint, Michigan on 6th July 1977, put on CD3.

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.1

We expect a very interesting batch of new releases in months to come, so it’s time for our classic 0dayrox Advanced Releases singles. Let’s go now with 0dayrox Advanced Releases July / August 2020 – Vol.1, your soundtrack for this Summer! Finnish melodic hard rock act BROTHER FIRETRIBE have announced that, due to current world events, the release of their...

ALICE COOPER – Breadcrumbs (2019) + Live Wendler Arena ’78 (2019)

Legend ALICE COOPER announced the release of the EP titled “Breadcrumbs”, which will arrive on September 13 via earMusic, and confirmed a new studio album will be out next year.
“Breadcrumbs” is a tribute to the Rock heroes from Alice’s hometown Detroit city, which include covers of “Sister Anne” by MC5, “Your Mamma Won’t Like Me” by Suzi Quatro and “Devil With a Blue Dress” by Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels.
A new Cooper track titled “Go Man Go” is also featured, along with a remake of Detroit City, which originally appeared on The Eyes Of Alice Cooper back in 2003. The new version is titled “Detroit City 2020”.

ALICE COOPER – The Last Temptation [HNE Remaster + Japan Edition Bonus Disc] *EXCLUSIVE*

Alongside the recently posted ALICE COOPER remasters, it was requested some time ago as well “The Last Temptation” from the Cherry Red / Hear No Evil same remastered reissue series, now out of print and very hard to find. The sound quality is outstanding, and really improves the surprisingly flat original version. Additionally, we have as extra the bonus disc from the original Japanese limited edition, also a rarity nowadays.
This “The Last Temptation” remastered reissue – also titled “20th Anniversary Edition” – it was indeed released in 2014, twenty years after its original edition, and soon became out of stock.
After the more hair metal, mainstream “Hey Stoopid” in 1991, which followed the worldwide smash “Trash” in 1989, the conceptual nature of “The Last Temptation” was a major departure from the two more commercially orientated predecessors, whilst resurrecting some of the darker, macabre themes from earlier Alice’s career.

ALICE COOPER – Trash +2 [Expanded Remastered Edition] +2 Japan Bonus

There’s always something slightly disingenuous about the term ‘comeback album’ – especially when an artist has never really left. Such was the case with ALICE COOPER’s 1989 Epic Records release “Trash”. But one certainly sees why the expression would be used to describe “Trash”. Alice Cooper’s eighteenth studio release “Trash” became his first Top 20 album in the U.S. since...

ALICE COOPER – Hey Stoopid [Expanded Remastered Edition +3] Out Of Print

I should do this review quite short: “Hey Stoopid”, by ALICE COOPER, is amongst the top-10 best Melodic Hard Rock albums from 1991 (and that was a terrific year for the genre), besides, one of the best produced records of all time. This jewel has been remastered / reissued by Cherry Red / Hear No Evil with a bunch of...


Tomorrow will be released “Rise”, the second studio album by HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, the band which lives and breathes the spontaneous magic of three megastars – Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Hollywood star Johnny Depp. Consisting mainly of original material, as well as covers of songs such as David Bowie’s ”Heroes”, sung by Johnny Depp and Johnny Thunder’s ‘You Can’t Put...

ALICE COOPER – The Black Widow [Live at Wendler Arena ’78 Remastered] (2019)

One of the best American Radio Broadcast from ALICE COOPER has been released, digitally remastered, under the title “The Black Widow“.This recording was made during Cooper’s early 1978 tour, which he had launched to promote his first live album, The Alice Cooper Show, three years after the original and enormously popular Alice Cooper Band had been dissolved. Cooper himself was...

ALICE COOPER – A Paranormal Evening at the Olympia Paris [Digipak] (2018)

Last year was a successful one for shock-rock legend ALICE COOPER. He released his last studio album ‘Paranormal’ to critical applause and chart success, breaching top tens across the world. On December 7th, Cooper and his band stopped off at the Olympia, Paris for the final date on the Paranormal Tour, with the end result being this 2-CD recording “A...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases August-Sept. 2018 – Vol.1

Here we are again bringing to you the fresh singles / advances from upcoming releases – a lot of work and effort put to make these compilations.Awesome Swedish AOR act CREYE signed on with Frontiers Records for the release of their self titled album, which will be issued on October 12th. ‘Christina‘ is the 2nd single, as happened with ’80s...