POSITIVE TOUCH – Positive Touch (unreleased)

POSITIVE TOUCH - Positive Touch (unreleased)

Holy smokes Batman! This vintage Robin’s wacky saying certainly applies to this new wonder from Sweden: POSITIVE TOUCH.
This new classic AOR / Melodic Rock trio is formed by singer Johnny Englund, keyboardist Jens Rüttgerott and guitar player Stefan Cajander which were part of a late ’80s band called Avenue when they were really young.
Since then, in one way or another, the three guys have been involved with something related to music, but it was around five years ago when they decided to reunite for the fun of playing music together, and Positive Touch born.

The three have been musically influenced by Toto and Journey, and you can tell that listening their music and the band’s name; Positive Touch is the title of one of the best tracks from 1986’s Journey Raised On Radio album.
But, according to Rüttgerott, the main reason that moved them to form Positive Touch was the resurgence in Sweden of the AOR / Melodic Rock genre in the hands of Work Of Art, W.E.T. and alikes. And you know what? You can tell that too between these wonderful 11 tracks.

This is pure ’80s AOR / MR with terrific catchy choruses, tons of keyboards, multi-part harmonies and a slick guitar work by Stefan Cajander, clearly influenced by Steve Lukather’s more rocking side. All tracks are superb in the best tradition of the genre, I can’t find a weak number here.
Just to mention some jewels, there’s extremely melodic uptempo rockers on “Do You Believe”, the killer “Hope” or the soaring “I Believe”.
You want classy AOR? Check “Too Far From Together”, with a FM / Steve Overland feel all over it. I love this one.

More stylized stuff in the vein of Work Of Art or Street Talk? “Without Your Love” and “Still Standing Tall” will blow your mind.
Ah, and there’s “Radio”: TOTO in all its class, made in the Positive Touch way. This means velvety arrangements, highly refined instrumentation and smooth vocals. Seriously, this track is to die for.

Believe it or not, Positive Touch have recorded all this material at Jens Rüttgerott’s home studio, just for the fun of it. They aren’t looking for a record contract, although some of the songs have been put on sale at iTunes by themselves.
But don’t worry, the musicianship, the arrangements and the sound here has been carefully hand-crafted and polished to the extreme by these talented musicians resulting in a top notch production for an indie.

Believe me, this stuff sounds like an official record. Some label / management need to approach these guys pronto!
Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this… a must for Classic AOR / Melodic Rock fans.
Absolutely Awesome

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – We Are Going To Win The War
02 – Do You Believe
03 – Radio
04 – Hope
05 – Too Far From Together
06 – Without Your Love
07 – I Believe
08 – Still Standing Tall
09 – Sometimes
10 – Freedom
11 – With You

Johnny Englund – vocals, drums, guitar
Jens Rüttgerott – keyboards, Studiofix
Stefan Cajander – guitar, bass, vocals

Not for sale : 0dayrox exclusive

2 Responses

  1. Johnny says:

    Thank's Ricky. We and I take that as a big compliment!
    /Johnny (Positive Touch)

  2. Ricky says:

    Suenan bastante bien, la voz me recuerda a Danny Vaughn de Tyketto. Esto si que es toda una exclusiva del blog. Espero que algún día salga este álbum en forma físico, porque no dudaré en comprarlo. ¡Gracias odayrox!

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