CRAZY LIXX – New Religion [Frontiers remastered reissue + Bonus Track] (2018)

CRAZY LIXX - New Religion [Frontiers remastered reissue + Bonus Track] (2018) full

While waiting for the new CRAZY LIXX album, the band and Frontiers Music decided it was finally time to properly reissue the band’s debut album, remastered and adding seven bonus tracks. At the same time, the first – long out-of-print – two releases for the Frontiers label, “New Religion” and “Riot Avenue” are being reissued with the addition of bonus material too. For the first time, those releases will also be made available on limited vinyl editions too.
Crazy Lixx’s second full-length release “New Religion” is considered by many their best work to date, here including the killer bonus track ‘Lights Out’, a monster tune that deserved to be heard by all fans.

With the tight production of Chris Laney, few bands are able to capture the sound of the ’80s as well as Crazy Lixx. It is the sound of huge sing-a-long choruses, furious guitar work, and memorable melodies.
Crazy Lixx do it all, whether it be full throttle rockers, midtempo melody or heartfelt ballads, these four guys have created here perhaps their more complete album.

“21 ‘Til I Die”, “Road To Babylon” and “Lock up Your Daughter” find the band at their rocking best while “Blame It On Love” has that obvious Laney feel dripping all over it.
The Crazy Lixx are stepping into Def Leppard‘s shoes with the super-production of “My Medicine” and “Voodoo Woman”, perfect examples of that classic multi-layered production.

Another track that stands out is “She’s Mine”. This one is total glam rock, heavy on the suggestive lyrics, and with a feel bringing to mind Warrant’s classic Cherry Pie. Love the keyboards here.
Then more aggresive is “Children of the Cross” with its razor riff pay homage to the best of Skid Row, and possibly do it better.

While comparisons are inevitable, there is a fine sense of creativity invigorating Crazy Lixx’s resurrection of the classic ’80s stylings. “New Religion” is not all copycat reminders of Poison or Motley Crue as so many bands from Sweden to Italy hope to show.
No, there is real talent and genius here: Crazy Lixx invokes their musical history with fresh rockin’ clarity.
Highly Recommended


01 – Rock And A Hard Place
02 – My Medicine (R.O.C.K)
03 – 21 ‘Til I Die
04 – Blame It On Love
05 – Road To Babylon
06 – Children Of The Cross
07 – The Witching Hour
08 – Lock Up Your Daughter
09 – She’s Mine
10 – What Of Our Love
11 – Desert Bloom
12 – Voodoo Woman
13 – Lights Out! [Bonus Track]

Danny Rexon – vocals
Andy Dawson – guitar
Luke Rivano – bass
Joey Cirera – drums



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