MYSTERY – Theatre Of The Mind [2018 Edition Remixed +1]

MYSTERY - Theatre Of The Mind [2018 Edition Remixed +1] full

We featured here many albums from one of the best Melodic Neo Prog bands from the last twenty years, Canadians MYSTERY. Now, the group, after many requests from fans and collectors, has remixed and reissued their debut album “Theatre Of The Mind [2018 Edition Remixed +1]”, for years impossible to find.
And this are great news, because this CD is strongly impregnated by Melodic Rock / AOR waves. In fact, “Theatre Of The Mind” is more AOR than proggy, akin Journey’s ‘Trial By Fire’.

Mystery got some major press some years ago when Benoit David became the lead singer for YES. But at the early stages of the band there was other vocalist; Gary Savoie. When first hear him many years ago I was struck by his voice, absolutely one on one with Steve Perry, same tone and same color.
While “Theatre Of The Mind” has a light progressive heart (early Journey do so), the overall production style, the guitar riffs, the synths and the crystal clear tenor vocals of Savoie brings to mind Journey’s last album with Steve Perry, Asia, GTR, and a bit of country fellas Saga.

The album begins very strong with the title track where each musician shine, very good piece showing that Mystery know to handle the instruments very well and the arrangements are mature for a band’s debut.
‘Lonely Heart’ is pure Journey-like melodic rock midtempo, ‘Peace of Mind’ adds acoustic to the mix but later grow-up wonderfully, ‘Black Roses’ showcases some terrific interplay, while ‘The Inner Journey’ creates fantastic atmospheres.

I remember hearing a cassette copy of this (then) hard to find album, and if memory doesn’t fails, this 2018 remix / remaster has turned things much more melodic and polished, plus the excellent bonus track “Heart of Stone”
Mystery’s “Theatre Of The Mind [2018 Edition Remixed +1]” will surprise you, and if you love classic Journey, do yourself a favor and grab a copy NOW.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Theatre of the Mind
02 – Lonely Heart
03 – Peace of Mind
04 – Virtual Mentality
05 – The Inner Journey Part 1
06 – Black Roses
07 – Rythmizomena
08 – In My Dreams
09 – Believe in Your Dreams
10 – The Inner Journey Part 2
11 – Heart of Stone (previously unreleased)

Gary Savoie – lead and background vocals
Michel St-Père – guitar, synthesizers
Stéphane Perreault – drums, percussion, glockenspiel, synths
Benoît Dupuis – keyboards
Michel Painchaud – classical and acoustic guitars
Richard Addison – fretted and fretless bass guitars
additional musicians:
Patrick Bourque – bass
Patrice Bédard – keyboards
Marie-Claude Masse, Marie Lacasse, Ahimsa Gilbert – strings
Serge Gangloff – special FX synthesizer
Gilles Peltier – special FX and synthesizer programming


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