TOMMY PARIS BAND (Britny Fox) – Tommy Paris Band (2018)

TOMMY PARIS BAND (Britny Fox) - Tommy Paris Band (2018) full

Tommy Paris, the vocalist who replaced original Britny Fox singer Dean Davidson in 1991 is releasing a self-titled album with his TOMMY PARIS BAND, where in fact, he handles most the instruments on the recording. After a really long wait for a new album by Britny Fox, I recently heard that the band is not going to be releasing any new material anytime in the near future.
I was really disappointed by the news because the band’s album with Tommy Paris as frontman, “Bite Down Hard”, may not have had the commercial success the band’s two first LP did, but around a decade after its release it was considered, both by fans and critics, Britny Fox’s best album to date.

Tommy’s always been one of the most underrated singers in rock, but while he has been around long enough involved into several projects, only now the world has the pleasure to welcome his very first solo album, called “Tommy Paris Band”.
Those who may think he’s following the footsteps of his former band may also be right – but who said it is something bad having “the” follow-up album to the fantastic “Bite Down Hard” record?

Tommy got back to basics on this brand new album and now he can show the whole world not only his unique voice again, but also all of his skills, making sure he was once one of the most important members of Britny Fox.
With a somewhat lively production, Mr. Paris takes us back in time to classic hard rock with amazing tunes, catchy choruses and superb singing and playing.
A real contrast to the album cover, which looks like a metal record that could have been released by Black Label Society. Not at all.

The debut album by The Tommy Paris Band is outstanding on every track.
With the opening riffs of the first song “Universe”, you get that raw, hard rockin’ sound that reminds you of ‘Bite Down Hard’. Prior to joining Britny Fox, Tommy Paris fronted the band Jillson, so he’s no stranger to creating this type of music.

TOMMY PARIS BAND (Britny Fox) - Tommy Paris Band (2018) inside

Among my favorite songs are “Ready 2 Bleed”, another track that could easily have been on ‘Bite Down Hard’. The guitar riff is killer and the tune has got so much energy one can’t​ think it’s been only out now. Along with the super cool lyrics, there’s Paris priceless “rockstar pernona” performance, that sticks to your mind and your ears.
Then “You Lose” has a catchy rhythm akin classic Kiss, “4 On The Floor” is pretty much like Britny Fox more melodic tracks with its memorable chorus, whilst “Long Long Way2Go” is just another superb trip back to the late ’80s and early ’90s with great lyrics to match.

“Tommy Paris Band” features the very best of what he’s done with Britny Fox and lots of references to some of his timeless classic hard rock influences. Oh, by the way, Tommy’s still got the voice, not like lots of the artists from the same generation. And he’s still got the looks too, if that counts.
Hopefully this impressive debut is a sign of things to come from the Tommy Paris Band. Any aficionado of the true Eighties hard rock sound should really enjoy this album and for Britny Fox fans, this is a must buy.
HIGHLY Recommended


01. Down Down
02. Ready To Bleed
03. 4 On The Floor
04. Explode
05. Waiting Here For You
06. Make It Fit
07. U Lose
08. Go-Be
09. Long Long Way2Go
10. Universe

Tommy Paris – vocals, keyboards, guitar
Paul Disibio – drums
Barry Barnes – bass
Tony Lopez – guitar solos
K. Caruso – guitar solos



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