JJT – Jimmy Crespo + Jamie Borden + Tommy Paris [Retrospect Records CD] *0dayrox Exclusive*

Sitting in the vaults since 2006, finally in 2015 Retrospect Records released this terrific album fruit of the reunion of talented cats Jimmy Crespo, Jamie Borden and Tommy Paris.
This ultimate Melodic Hard Rock Power Trio named JJT features highly touted guitar icon Jimmy Crespo (of AEROSMITH, FLAME, ADAM BOMB), killer vocalist / bassist Tommy Paris (of BRITNY FOX, JILLSON) and undoubtedly one of the greatest drummers from the hard rock west coast scene Jamie Borden (JILLSON, STRANGER, etc, and a regularly featured drum clinician who has released many videos.
This explosive combo has put together a fantastic infectious slab of hard hitting, face-melting, ball-busting hard rock which clearly shows off the distinct, signature sounds of each member — with Crespo’s stinging fluid bluesy 70’s-style licks, and Borden’s slamming powerhouse double-bass drumming combined with some of the most amazing and blindingly fast fills (from hands AND feet!) you will ever hear!
All this combined with Tommy Paris’ bass grooves, his rip-your-face-off vocals and his own brand of melodic songwriting, with his stacked big vocal harmonies, that will be familiar to all you Jillson and Britny Fox fans.
Despite released not so long ago, “JJT” has become really hard to find.
Only at 0dayrox

BRITNY FOX – Forbidden Fruits; The Bite Down Hard Demos [Extra Tracks]

Yesterday we featured in exclusive rare BRITNY FOX pre-production demos for their third album Bite Down Hard, taken from the own Britny Fox CD release (BFRecords) appeared several years ago in limited quantities and now a rarity.
These demos were recently released with the title ‘Forbidden Fruits‘ by FNA records, missing some tracks from our featured tracklist, but including other four not present. Here they are to complete your Britny Fox collection, plus four Tommy Paris unreleased songs.

JILLSON (Tommy Paris) – Deadly Girl [Retrospect Records remastered]

Before joining BRITNY FOX for the recording of the album Bite Down Hard, vocalist Tommy Paris had his own band named after his ‘stage name’ Don Jillson. With all songs penned by Jillson / Paris – he’s a prolific songwriter – JILLSON released by themselves their debut album titled “Deadly Girl” in 1990.
This is a killer late ’80s Melodic Hard Rock / Hair Metal collection of songs, mixing the melody of NIGHT RANGER, the punch of Y&T, and catchiness, at places, similar to REO Speedwagon, this remastered reissue adds 3 extra tracks from the same recording sessions.

TOMMY PARIS BAND (Britny Fox) – Tommy Paris Band (2018)

Tommy Paris, the vocalist who replaced original Britny Fox singer Dean Davidson in 1991 is releasing a self-titled album with his TOMMY PARIS BAND, where in fact, he handles most the instruments on the recording. After a really long wait for a new album by Britny Fox, I recently heard that the band is not going to be releasing any...