AMORIELLO (feat Goran Edman, Vinny Appice & more) – Amoriello (2018)

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The self-titled debut album by AMORIELLO is the project of Philadelphia-born rock guitarist / instructor and children’s picture book author Thomas Amoriello, who has teamed up with a stellar roster of special guest musicians including former members of Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Ozzy, Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force, Quiet Riot, Michael Schenker Group and more to bring the ’80s inspired metal to 2018 with a modern feel.

Among the ‘cats’ performing here you have shouters Mark Boals, Mike Vescera and Goran Edman. As you see, all ex Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force vocalists, and this gives you a hint of what “Amoriello” – the album – is all about. This is indeed pretty reminiscent of Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force works between 1990 – 1996, for many, their most brilliant period.
However, this is not a mere copy cat bunch of songs; the whole album is a testament to the metal legends who inspired Thomas Amoriello, and so many musicians / bands.
So there’s a clear Yngwie style, but also DIO, Rainbow, Deep Purple, MSG… etc.

The album starts with the metallic punch of ‘Holy Man, the Devil’s Hand’ featuring the great Mark Boals at the mic delivering a strong performance. Alongside Thomas Amoriello’s layered riffs and swirling solos, there’s Kenny Stavropoulos (Ex -Le Mans) on drums, James Amelio Pulli (Impellitteri) on bass, and Yngwie Malmsteen band Michael Troy providing keys.

‘Battle Song’ is a very special tune written by Amoriello dedicated to Ronnie James Dio. He wanted someone who had been a part of his sound, hence Vinny Apice appears playing the drums sowcasing his unique style, he let loose for 16 bars for an incredible solo. Current (well, you never know) Yngwie Malmsteen Band Nick Z. Marino performs the vocals – very Dio-ish.

‘Night Music MCX’ is an instrumental, but very entertaining for sure, with special guest musicians Shane Gaalaas (Ex- MSG) on drums, Phil Soussan (Ex-Ozzy Osbourne) on bass, and again Troy on keys. Great musicianship on this one, with different passages and climate.

Next ‘Music Is the Monarch’ features Michael Vescera on lead vocals, as usual, delivering the goods. A more hard rocking tune this time, including Dio Returns / ex Quiet Riot bassist Bjorn Englen, Ex-TNT current Labyrinth drummer John Macaluso, and Troy at the keys offering a delicious organ-church-like intro.

And now appears Swede Goran Edman for ‘Flood’, a beautiful ’80s inspired metal ballad, which gothic lyrics are a tale of a 19th century Massachusetts woman named Jerusha Howe. Amoriello co-wrote the music with Edman who dazzles at the climactic ending.
Troy lays down lush keys that breath while Atma Anur (Ex- Cacophony / Jason Becker) drumming brings power to the foundation, complemented by the bass of legendary ex Whitesnake Neil Murray. Oh yeah, don’t forget the triple harmonized guitar solo.
What a great song.

“Amoriello” is a mandatory listen for Yngwie, MSG, Axel Rudi Pell, etc, fans, and all who enjoy the classic ’80s / ’90s sound of this type of classic metal – read DIO, Rainbow, Deep Purple…
It’s a very well written, performed and produced record with that analog feel yet updated 2018.
Highly Recommended

01 – Holy Man, the Devil’s Hand (feat Mark Boals)
02 – Battle Song 1 (feat Vinny Appice)
03 – Nightmusic MCX (feat Phil Soussan)
04 – Music Is the Monarch (feat Michael Vescera)
05 – Flood (feat Goran Edman & Neil Murray)
06 – Atmosphere
07 – Battle Song 2

Guitar – Thomas Amoriello
Nick Z Marino (Yngwie Malmsteen)
Mark Boals (Ex- Yngwie Malmsteen)
Mike Vescera (Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen)
Goran Edman (Ex-Yngwie Malmsteen)
James Amelio Pulli (Impellitteri)
Neil Murray (Ex- Whitesnake)
Phil Soussan (Ex- Ozzy Osbourne)
Bjorn Englen (Ex- Quiet Riot, Dio Returns)
Vinny Appice (Ex- Dio)
Ken Stavropoulos (Ex- Le Mans)
Shane Gaalaas (Ex- MSG)
John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen)
Atma Anur (Ex- Cacophony / Jason Becker)
Michael Troy (Ex Yngwie Malmsteen)


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