THE BLACK CROWES – Shake Your Money Maker [Remastered +3]

THE BLACK CROWES - Shake Your Money Maker [Remastered +3] full

And here’s another request, THE BLACK CROWES terrific debut album “Shake Your Money Maker” in its remastered version plus bonus tracks.
In 1990, just on the cusp of a musical revolution, a new band emerged from Georgia to challenge everything that was going on in rock and roll. The biggest rock bands in the world had been playing around with the blues, but now there was a new act who lived and breathed it.
The Black Crowes were unlike all the other bands (except maybe the London Quireboys) and their debut album “Shake Your Money Maker” shook the money tree.

With George Drakoulias in the producer’s chair, the Crowes laid down a darn fine debut album. They drew influence from the ’70s: bands like the Stones and Skynyrd, as well as the old Mississippi Delta bluesmen. The slide-drenched “Twice As Hard” certainly didn’t sound like a new band in 1990, but its honest authenticity has kept in a fan favourite for decades. Listen to Rich Robinson’s slide and dig in. Vocalist Chris Robinson’s bluesy drawl delivers a hell of a chorus. “Twice As Hard” is perfect in every measure.

Rolling right into the first single “Jealous Again” the Crowes sound like the offspring of the Stones at their boogie-woogie best. During the summer of 1990, you simply could not escape these songs.
The Stones had their ‘Angie’, the Black Crowes have their “Sister Luck”. Shake Your Money Maker is a well rounded album with a few piano based slow tracks. You want authenticity? That’s Chuck Leavell on keys (he’s been playing with the Rolling Stones for decades).

Back to the rock, “Could I’ve Been So Blind” kicks it with a shot of caffeine and a great chorus. Thing go slow again on the organ based blues “Seeing Things”. The Crowes were just kids but it sounds like they have years and years of pain to pour into these songs. “Seeing Things” is a tour de force.
One of the most well known singles from Shake Your Money Maker was the old Otis Redding cover “Hard to Handle”. Bringing the boogie back, the Crowes had a huge hit with this cover. It must be noted that there are two different versions of this track.

“Thick N’ Thin” begins with a car crash, and this is one of the most energetic tracks in the Crowes catalog. Like the Faces on adrenaline, this rocker is a blast. “She Talks to Angels” is the only one that deserves the tag “ballad”. Acoustics guitars, organ, and Chris’ plaintive voice took it to #1 on the US album rock charts. It’s still just as stunning today.
Moving in for the close, “Struttin’ Blues” is relatively nondescript compared to some of the prior ass-kickers.
They save most kick-ass for last: “Stare It Cold”. It starts as a classic rocker, but then it picks up speed right to the end, brilliantly ending the debut album on a hell of a good impression.

The remastered reissue contains two bonus tracks and a hidden track. “Don’t Wake Me”, a slide-drenched bluesy rocker with a cool feeling. Then there’s a version of “She Talks To Angels (Acoustic)”, with on piano and clean vocals, and it sounds live in the studio.

THE BLACK CROWES - Shake Your Money Maker [Remastered +3] back

Huge credit for the success of “Shake Your Money Maker” must go not only to The Black Crowes, but also to producer Drakoulias. His reputation speaks for itself but this album is one of his milestones, and still sounds fantastic. It does not sound like it was recorded in 1990. The drums and all the other instruments are full and clear, even more with this balanced remastering job
The brothers Robinson wrote all the original tunes, and as it turned out they were a classic batch.

At this point, “Shake Your Money Maker” is a classic, timeless rock ‘n roll music.
Mandatory in your collection

01 – Twice As Hard
02 – Jealous Again
03 – Sister Luck
04 – Could I’ve Been So Blind
05 – Seeing Things
06 – Hard To Handle
07 – Thick N’ Thin
08 – She Talks To Angels
09 – Struttin’ Blues
10 – Stare It Cold
11 – Don’t Wake Me
12 – She Talks To Angels (Acoustic)
13 – Mercy, Sweet Moan (Unlisted Track)

Chris Robinson – vocals
Rich Robinson – guitar
Jeff Cease – guitar
Johnny Colt – bass
Steve Gorman – drums
Additional personnel:
Chuck Leavell – piano, organ
Brendan O’Brien – many instruments
Laura Creamer – background vocals


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