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This one was requested: “Frozen Summer”, the sole album by 3 LEGGED DOGG. This Super Group featured an impressive line up: ex DIO rhythm section Jimmy Bain & Vinny Appice, guitarists Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot), Brian Young (David Lee Roth, Jeff Scott Soto) and lead vocalist Chas West (Lynch Mob, and currently West Bound).
Released by Perris Records, the album has become a rarity, with used copies being sold for over 200 Euros. This is taken from a 0dayrox team member personal collection.

3 Legged Dogg is certainly not your average, up-and-coming hard rock band. No siree, especially when its band members have garnered a combined 15 million albums sales worldwide.
And unlike some bands in which members bring in completed demos of songs, all of the tracks on “Frozen Summer” were written together – from the ground up.

I remember reading some magazine reviews criticizing the album for not being ‘homogeneous’ and too much ‘modern’.
Let’s see; half of the album has a modern, dark hard rock style, the other half being inspired by traditional ’80s hard rock. And that’s not a bad thing in my book.
Also, 3 Legged Dogg were accused of ‘trying to sound like Soundgarden’, affirming that ‘Appice & Co sold their souls to modern trending’. Not true. The album was composed and released 2006, a time when Soundgarden, Audioslave and alike were already out of fashion.
3 Legged Dogg did the album they wanted to do, not to ride a trend and sell a lot CD’s.

As said, half the tracks have a modern hard rock sound & style, balanced by heavy rockers with an 80s / 90s flair. The album rocks hard and sounds fresh, crossing various styles without necessarily entering new compositional spheres.
Classic Hard Rock fans will enjoy several tracks, especially DIO-esque “Wasted Life” and the groovy “Left For Dead,” while “Bring The Hammer Down” has a Twisted Sister feel especially during the sing-along chorus lines.

And for those looking for more modern arrangements, songs like the title track “Frozen Summer” and “Long Way Back From Hell” will deliver the goods, the latter offering some great riffs and interesting passages and can be considered one of the best tracks.
Other highlights include the half-ballad and dark “Rain On My Parade”, and the stunning “One Good Reason.”

“Frozen Summer” rocks, mixing the old with the new, and there’s some solid songwriting all over.
Chas West does a remarkable job at the mic showing he’s not a one trick pony, and if you want to hear some exceptional set of drum fills, Appice steals the show here.
Also the late Jimmy Bain is clearly heard delivering an enjoyable ‘bass guitar’ sound behind Vinny’s huge skin smash.

3 LEGGED DOGG - Frozen Summer - back

Few days before the album release, Appice accepted an invite to join Heaven And Hell (a reunion of the ‘Mob Rules’ and ‘Dehumanizer’ era Black Sabbath line-up) for a 9-month World Tour, so the 3 Legged Dogg “Frozen Summer” supporting live gigs were cancelled.
Hence, Perris Records did a very small batch of CD’s available, that’s why the album has become a collectible, out of print since.
Another request fulfilled folks. Only at 0dayrox.
Highly Recommended

01 – Frozen Summer
02 – Give And Take Away
03 – Rain On My Parade
04 – One Good Reason
05 – Wasted Life
06 – Long Way Back From Hell
07 – Left For Dead
08 – Bring The Hammer Down

Chas West (Lynch Mob, West Bound) – vocals
Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot) – guitar
Brian Young (David Lee Roth, Jeff Scott Soto) – guitar
Jimmy Bain (DIO, Rainbow) – bass
Vinny Appice (DIO, Last In Line) – drums

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