ENFORCER – Zenith (2019)

ENFORCER - Zenith (2019) full

Few days ago we featured here ‘Forever’, the lovely solo debut album by Jonas Wikstrand, known as the drummer of the Swedish metal band Enforcer. And now it’s ENFORCER whom will release their new album “Zenith” next Friday.
There are many reasons I dig Enforcer, but the first and foremost one is rather simple; this Swedish band easily combines the best of traditional hard n’ heavy from the ’80s with the glamour of LA edgy melodic hard / glam.

Enforcer’s sound is melodic metal / heavy-rock bristling with twin guitar harmony and thrilling leads, steady speed, rhythm, and groove from a tight rhythm section, and soaring vocals / backing harmonies.
I think they are some fabulous mix between Pretty Maids, Scorpions and early Def Leppard, with Dynazty, Dokken and early Icon. Add a pinch of Crazy Lixx as well.

Musically, Enforcer can deliver ambitious hard n’ heavy with songs such as the catchy ‘Die For The Devil’, the dynamic ‘Sail On’, and ‘Searching For You’ (with some Dynazty on it).
Alternatively, they’ve developed some epic melodic metal tunes with the groovy ‘Zenith Of The Black Sun’ and the strong midtempo ‘The End Of A Universe’.

For ‘One Thousand Years Of Darkness’, Enforcer drops in some synths, and all sounds like Crazy Lixx on steroids.

ENFORCER - Zenith (2019) inside

Closer ‘Ode To Death’ is the heavier song on offere here (pretty epic again), then, if only to throw you a curve ball, there’s a piano driven, classic ballad, ‘Regrets’, ready to light your Zippo or turn on your smart phone flashlight.

Enforcer captures the ’80s vibe here, both heavy and melodic, with soaring choruses, some epicness and all that old-school vibe we love. Production is bright, modern, however ‘classic’.
Grab your old leather jacket, and enjoy “Zenith” turned to 11.
Highly Recommended

01 – Die for the Devil
02 – Zenith of the Black Sun
03 – Searching for You
04 – Regrets
05 – The End of a Universe
06 – Sail On
07 – One Thousand Years of Darkness
08 – Thunder and Hell
09 – Forever We Worship the Dark
10 – Ode to Death

Olof Wikstrand – Guitars, Vocals
Jonas Wikstrand – Drums, Vocals
Tobias Lindqvist – Bass
Jonathan Nordwall – Guitars


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