The “Lost UK Jewels” Vol.16 ARCHER SCALLAN – LA Secrets (2019) sold out

The “Lost UK Jewels” Vol.16 ARCHER SCALLAN - LA Secrets (2019) full

Laurence Archer (UFO, STAMPEDE) and Peter Scallan (MORITZ, SAMSON) recorded an album together during the ’80s, but sadly the project disbanded soon. Now all these recordings are being released as ARCHER SCALLAN : ‘L.A. Secrets’, as part of the ‘Lost UK Jewels Collectors Series‘, strictly limited to 500 copies.
After a couple of months released, the CD is already sold out.

At ’80s, Laurence Archer was one of the most respected hard rock guitarists in UK, having the chance as well to release a solo album. Including a bunch of mid-Eighties AOR / melodic rock oriented songs, the CD only was released in Japan in limited quantities, becoming a much sought after collectible.
Archer performed the lead vocals, but essentially being a guitarist, he wanted a more trained, smooth singer to re-record these songs and shop a record deal in Europe / America.

The “Lost UK Jewels” Vol.16 ARCHER SCALLAN - LA Secrets (2019) disc

Scottish singer Peter Scallan joined Archer for that matter, and he put his voice to that initial Archer songs like ‘Can’t Get Away’, ‘Two Hearts’, ‘When We Were Young’, ‘Claudiette’, plus a generous dose of classic ’80s keyboards / synths were added to the mix.

Additionally, newly composed songs were taped, such as ‘One Way Love’ or the awesome ‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’.

The “Lost UK Jewels” Vol.16 ARCHER SCALLAN - LA Secrets (2019) - back

This is keyboard-driven / harmony-gold first class UK ’80s AOR next to STRANGEWAYS, FM, AIRRACE, extc, filled with superb melodies, sweet guitar work and soaring vocals.
It’s a shame this little gem never was officially released until now… the kind of true Eighties stuff we all love.
Fantastic stuff… must have for classy AOR / Melodic Rock fans out there.

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01 – Gone Are The Days
02 – Can’t Get Away
03 – Shake Me Up
04 – Claudiette
05 – Discretion
06 – One Time
07 – Two Hearts
08 – When We Were Young
09 – Don’t Leave Me Lonely
10 – One Way Love

Laurence Archer – guitar, vocals
Peter Scallan – lead vocals
Gary Leidaman – bass
Clive Edwards – drums



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