LAOS – We Want It [MTM Classix digitally remastered +3] Out Of Print

LAOS - We Want It [MTM Classix digitally remastered +3] Out Of Print full

Fronted by powerful singer Gudrun Laos, German outfit LAOS released this stupendous album in 1990 regarded as one of the best female-fronted melodic hard rock albums of all time. Titled “We Want It”, this killer CD was requested here in its MTM Classix digitally remastered reissue including 3 bonus tracks.

One of the distinctive things about LAOS is that Gudrun can rock with the best of the male lead singers, maybe better than most. Her power and confidence to rock the house are quite evident all over the LP, and even on the more ‘melodic rock’ tracks and the ballads, her throat is like a volcano.

Style-wise, you actually think this was an US act with songs written by the likes of Desmond Child / Diane Warren, etc. However, LAOS came out from Germany and unfortunately “We Want It” was poorly promoted when released, as in 1990 this LP could have been huge in America.
Indeed, the AOR / Melodic Hard Rock sound & songwriting was as good as the big stuff you heard from America around the late ’80s, read: VIXEN, WITNESS, HEART…

Songs like ‘Why Is A Good Love’, the title track, ‘Now That It’s Over’, the rollicking ‘Straight To The Top’, ‘Heartbreak Road’, ‘Higher Ground’, in fact, the entire track listing kills, wrapped by the pristine glossy production of European guru Erwin Musper (ZINATRA DEF LEPPARD, SCORPIONS).

LAOS - We Want It [MTM Classix digitally remastered +3] Out Of Print - back

The digital remaster of this reissue is great (handled by Tony Ubler from Yesterrock headquarters), and includes 3 very good bonus tracks, taken from a couple of solo CD-singles Gudrun released throughout the Nineties, such as the really fine BOSTON cover “More Than a Feeling” and the awesome melodic rocker “Love Sweet Love”.
For years “We Want It” was impossible to find, and while this reissue is out of print you still can find unopen copies at decent a price.

Be aware there’s transcoded versions floating the web, this is taken straight from our own disc.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – I Want It
02 – Why Is A Good Love
03 – Now That It’s Over
04 – Straight To The Top
05 – Jericho
06 – Heartbreak Road
07 – We Called It Love
08 – Long Shot
09 – Badlands
10 – Higher Ground
11 – One More Night
12 – More Than A Feeling (Boston cover)
13 – Come Tomorrow
14 – Love Sweet Love

Gudrun Laos – lead and backing vocals
Ralf Hansmeyer – guitar
Frank Fricke – guitar
Wolfgang Schindler – keyboards
Thomas Roben – bass
Jorg Michael – drums

Out Of Print

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3 Responses

  1. Mika Kilpiä says:

    The one I own (MTM Classix) has 3+3 extra tracks. It is some kind of special edition. Those extra bonus tracks are Harem, Living Without You & Womanizer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OK. Thanks. ”Harem” and ”Living without you” are killer tracks. Something different compared to those Laos tracks, but …

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