SERIOUS PLEASURE – Serious Pleasure ’89 [Digitally Remastered]

SERIOUS PLEASURE - Serious Pleasure '89 [Digitally Remastered] full

As requested, here’s the back in the day unreleased material from American melodic hard rockers SERIOUS PLEASURE. This is the Digitally Remastered release by FnA Records, not the demo version floating the web.
Serious Pleasure was formed in 1986 by former glam metal band ANTIX guitarist/singer Jace White. Looking for a more commercial, melodic sound White recruited bassist Dave E. Weeks (who had a brief stint with Hollywood Rose, the precursor of Guns N’ Roses), drummer Paul Preshaw, and guitarist Mark Silver. The band later recruited Mike Peterson from Mickey Knight (featuring Mark Knight of Bang Tango fame) on drums, while Preshaw switched to keyboards full time.
The band gained significant popularity on the Sunset Strip at the time, co-headlining with various acts, the most popular being Jani Lane’s Warrant, who actually approached Serious Pleasure with the offer to use the power ballad “Ain’t That Enough” to be featured on their debut album, but White decided to turn them down at the time… wrong decision. “Ain’t That Enough” is included here, and indeed has a hit potential.

Some Serious Pleasure’s music almost was part of movie soundtrack, however at the eleventh hour the film was cancelled. Despite their quality and being close to get a record deal, Serious Pleasure never had a lucky star.
The band had some line-up changes, with Bruce Nelson on guitar and John Castellano on bass.

The band’s last demo was recorded in 1989 – the one featured here, professionally taped & mixed – and featured their own version of the song ‘Caroline’, which was also on the 1984’s Antix album “Get Up, Get Happy”.
Their last gig was at The Roxy (on the Sunset Strip) in 1990 where B.J. Norris from Antix re-united with Jace to fill in on bass.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ain’t That Enough
02 – Caroline
03 – I Can’t Wait
04 – Kiss The Child
05 – Sell Me
06 – Sell Me (Version 2)
07 – Understood
08 – Victim Of

Jace White – Guitar & Vocals
Paul Preshaw – Keyboards
Bruce Nelson – Guitar
John Castellano – Bass
Mike Peterson – Drums



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