DECEMBER ROSE – Leaving Home [’80s recordings remastered] (2021)

DECEMBER ROSE - Leaving Home ['80s recordings remastered] (2021) full

The nicely named ‘Obscure NWOBHM Releases’ record label has released at the end of last year yet another “lost” band from the good old post-New Wave Of British Heavy Metal glory years of the 1980s. “Leaving Home” compiles most the songs recorded by London based DECEMBER ROSE.
December Rose history starts in West Country, UK in 1982. The band was active till 1990 playing gigs all over UK. An album was recorded – though not released apparently justified by the record company due to the prominence of “grunge”.
As said, DECEMBER ROSE’s style is ‘post’ NWOBHM, meaning the addition of hard rock groove and lots of melody. Check the video below.

The title track starts the CD, a dramatic sounding song with a pulsing riff, changes of pace, blistering guitar work and rangy vocals. Indeed – the vocals throughout are first class for this genre indeed. Powerful and controlled. ‘Running Back’ has another chunky riff and a big chorus then ‘Break in the Ice’ speeds along nicely with both songs featuring more excellent guitar work amongst the hooks.
‘I Need It’ has a broken riff, with the bass driving the song – simple yet hypnotic. ‘Dream Forever’ could have been a good choice for a single then ‘Gods of the Underworld’ come in as a thumping heavy as you like monster with a huge vocal.
‘Tonight’ rocks with a strong riff before ‘Never’ gradually increases the tempo in to quite a head of steam.

Throughout the album the band show a skilful and varied approach to their song writing and musical ability with no two songs sounding the same. Much variety with each one giving much to enjoy.
Make no mistake – all the evidence here on Leaving Home shows a band talent. Such a pity that “grunge” got in the way and stopped them in their tacks with the non-release of the album.
December Rose sort of faded away after this recording – however now thanks to the efforts of Obscure NWOBHM Releases we can enjoy what the band had to offer. It’s top drawer stuff and yet another band from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal days back in the 1980s who should have made it out of the pack.
Highly Recommended


01 – Leaving Home
02 – Running Back
03 – Break In The Ice
04 – Reckless
05 – Lonely
06 – I Need It
07 – Dream Forever
08 – Gods Of The Underworld
09 – Leave It On The Beach
10 – Tonight
11 – Never

Bass – Paul Duffy, Rob Hankins, Steve Chew
Drums – Huwy Williams
Guitar – Dave Owen, Louis Hemming, Martin Dawson, Stu Phillips
Lead Guitar – Phil Mace
Vocals – Gary Brown, Annabelle



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