JACK SLAMER – Jack Slamer (2019)

JACK SLAMER - Jack Slamer (2019) full

Inspired by Rock ’n’ Roll’s greatest such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rival Sons and the new blood of The Darkness or Greta Van Fleet, Swiss five piece JACK SLAMER recently inked a worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast, and the band’s self-titled album will be released on May 3.

Jack Slamer play Seventies Hard Rock in its purest form as if it was invented today. This quintet was formed in 2006 by childhood friends whose have slowly grown into the tight musical unit they are today.
Band already released two albums by themselves, but this self-titled is their ‘real’ debut world wide via a strong record label.

As said, Jack Slamer’s music is very much rotted in Rock and Blues. They take a lot inspiration from legends like the mighty Led Zeppelin or Coverdale’s Deep Purple, but also current bands playing this timeless retro hard rock, and their sound is updated.
What could easily sound like a cover band of the before mentioned pioneers gets out of the box very well. It’s their own sound they create – warm, organic and loud. It’s hard to not be fascinated by grooving melodies, thundering basslines and heavy riffs, all rounded off by the full, soulful vocals of frontman Florian Ganz.

“Turn Down The Light” opens the album with that classy shimmering riffs and atmospherics before the next verse to create tension, typical Led Zepp.
“Entire Force” has some Sabbath / Ozzy era on it, “The Wanted Man” adds a bit of psychedelic guitars and haze, while “The Truth Is Not A Headline” is pure classic rock, in the Rival Sons vein. “Red Clouds” is slower like an early The Black Crowes, and “There’s No Way Back” is a superb bluesy ballad.

JACK SLAMER - Jack Slamer (2019) inside

“Jack Slamer” is a powerful classic hard rock album. It shows that a retro sound doesn’t need to get across dusted and old-fashioned while still feeling current and timeless. The ’70s spirit is all over, that impassioned (and very good) vocals, that Les Paul tone, and all.
A very, very promising band with all the mojo of yesteryear, updated 2019.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Turn Down The Light
02 – Entire Force
03 – The Wanted Man
04 – The Truth Is Not A Headline
05 – Red Clouds
06 – Biggest Mane
07 – The Shaman And The Wolves
08 – There’s No Way Back
09 – I Want A Kiss
10 – Secret Land
11 – Honey & Gold
12 – Burning Crown

Florian Ganz – Vocals
Cyrill Vollenweider – Guitars
Marco Hostettler – Guitars
Hendrik Ruhwinkel – Bass
Adrian Bockli – Drums


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