PHENOMENA – Anthology [Remastered / Remix] (2019)

PHENOMENA - Anthology [Remastered / Remix] (2019) full

“Anthology” is the new album from the ’80s born project PHENOMENA, a 25th Anniversary ‘best of’ selection fully endorsed by creator Tom Galley, who personally compiled the track list. The whole thing has been remastered, and slightly remixed.

Apart from the rare tracks ‘Assassins in the Night’, ‘Running with the Pack’, ‘Stealing Heaven’ and the 12” version of hit single ‘Did It All For Love’, the album also includes a previously unreleased 12″ remix of ‘Still The Night’.
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01 – Still The Night
02 – Dance With The Devil
03 – Phoenix Rising
04 – Assassins Of The Night
05 – Running With The Pack
06 – Stop
07 – Did It All For Love
08 – Hearts On Fire
09 – Banzi (Single Edit)
10 – What About Love
11 – If You Want To Rock
12 – How Much Do You Love Me
13 – Stealing Heaven
14 – Did It All for Love (12” Remix)
15 – Still the Night (12” Remix)

Glenn Hughes, Keith Murell, John Wetton – vocals
Mel Galley, John Thomas, Scott Gorham – guitars
Neil Murray – bass
Don Airey – keyboards
Richard Bailey – keyboards
Cozy Powell, Ted Mckenna, Michael Sturgis – drums
Leif Johansen, Robin Smith – keyboards
Merv Spence – vocals, bass
Brian May – guest guitar

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2 Responses

  1. -= Sisters Of Mercy =- says:

    do you by any chance have their DANCE WITH THE DEVIL singles?

    There are two different versions.

    1. with the Midnight Remix: Phenomena ‎– Dance With The Devil
    2. with the album medley:

    • 0dayrox says:

      The ‘Dance With The Devil (Midnight Mix)’ version you point to is already the one included here in ‘Anthology [Remastered / Remix] (2019)’

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