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LITTLE SISTER - Along The Way [Rare Albums] full

Lately many of you have been requesting rare albums, indie releases in limited quantities, out of print, deleted, etc. So we decided to start some kind of a ‘Rare Albums’ section. One of the most ‘obscure’ of the recent requests is “Along The Way”, the third album by female fronted band LITTLE SISTER. Perhaps because it only was released in their native South Africa, “Along The Way” is a very rare item indeed.

LITTLE SISTER consists of sisters Jenni (vocals) and Debbi Lonmon (bass, vocals), a duo wich started as band in the ’80s inspired by the Wilson sisters Heart. They put some singles in the local chart, and for this third album the girls and the recording label decided to aim higher.
It all began in 1993, when Little Sister signed a deal with Gallo Music Productions. On May top producer Michael Flicker who previously worked with… yes, Heart, jetted from the USA into South Africa to produce their brand new album.

Flicker also brought a collaborator to co-produce, help with arrangements and even contribute one song; Dennis East. If the name doesn’t ring any bell, East was the lead singer for cult AOR Pomp act Stingray.
On “Along The Way”, the musical style, sound production and vibe, as you may guess, is classy ’80s inspired female fronted melodic rock mixed with AOR and rock&pop touches.

While opener, the bland pop-rocker ‘Mystery Of Life’ (in my opinion the only weak song here) – an obvious attempt to conquer the radio with its Wilson Phillips style – the rest of the album change completely the focus.
Songs like ‘Love Is A Weapon’, ”Something Happened To Us (Along The Way)’, ‘Whenever I Need Somebody’, ‘Never Know A Good Thing Till It’s Gone’, and my favorite ‘Never Say Never’ (what a legendary title) instantly will bring to your mind – and ears – the sound of Heart, Saraya, Robin Beck, Tone Norum, Witness, Darby Mills…

LITTLE SISTER - Along The Way - back

Little Sister’s “Along The Way” had the potential to make it big in America, but arrived to late. It was the late 1993, and none American record label wanted to release this kind of ’80s female-fronted melodic rock music.
Only appeared in South Africa, this solely CD press of “Along The Way” is a true rarity.
Collectors item.


01 – Mystery Of Life
02 – Something Happened To Us (Along The Way)
03 – Love Is A Weapon
04 – Never Say Never
05 – Whenever I Need Somebody
06 – Love’s A Bitch
07 – Verge Of Love
08 – Never Know A Good Thing Till It’s Gone
09 – When The Sun Goes Down
10 – Perfect Thing
11 – Wrong Way Round
12 – Mystery Of Life (Unplugged)

Jenni Lonmon: vocals
Debbi Lonmon: bass, vocals
Wally Cullis: drums
Denny Lalouette: bass
Robin Walsh: guitar
Mauritz Lotz: guitar
Marc Bentel: keyboards


Out Of Print

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