FRAZE GANG (Brighton Rock) – Fraze Gang [Remastered +1]

FRAZE GANG (Brighton Rock) - Fraze Gang [Remastered +1] full

This week we featured hare all the discography from Canadian melodic hard rockers Brighton Rock. When Brighton Rock broke-up two members of the band, Greg Fraser and Stevie Skreebs, after some years on hiatus decided to go on their own way and to serve the kind of music they love the most, and FRAZE GANG was born.
Fraze Gang debuted on CD in 2006 with their self-titled / self released album, plenty of late ’80s inspired tunes both in sound & style. The got a record deal two years after, and “Fraze Gang” was reissued / remastered including an extra track, mixed by legend Beau Hill.

Fraser was the main songwriter in Brighton Rock and Fraze Gang picks up exactly where he left off; party anthems full of big choruses, hooks, harmonies and no apologies for having a good time.
At the time of the release during the last decade, with the advent of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, there’s been a rediscovery of the craft of classic rock songwriting and the hook laden party anthem; straight up riffs, solos, singalong choruses and the inevitable urge to party on the spot.

In the late 80s, big hair and heavy guitars were the staple of a big rock sound. While groups like Van Halen, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi were ripping up the charts in the U.S., Greg Fraser and Stevie Skreebs were unleashing their own vibrations in Canada with their legendary band, Brighton Rock.
Before long, Brighton Rock was touring throughout the world entertaining sold out concerts, and carving their niche in rock history. As main songwriter, lead guitarist Greg Fraser racked up enough hits to earn the band 3 Gold albums and MTV (and Much Music) video play.
But when the big guitar sounds of the ’80s were replaced by grunge, Brighton Rock founders Fraser and Skreebs decided to take a break from the limelight and took that opportunity to recharge their batteries and change up their game plan.

Like any good vacation, the break has resulted in a fresh new sound with a classic Brighton Rock foundation, a rocking charge of music quite unlike anything else they’ve done before. The rebirth takes shape in a brand new band; Fraze Gang.
Fronted by Fraser his partner in crime in BR, bassist Stevie Skreebs, and rounded out by powerhouse drummer Phil Epp, the trio recorded by themselves these bunch of new songs and released “Fraze Gang” by themselves.

Their indie CD (sold only at gigs) garnered so much buzz in the Canadian rock circuit that Ralph Alfonso, who helped manage Brighton Rock in the ’80s and now owner of Bongo Beat Records, decided it was time the label got back to it’s rock roots and created a “Hard Rock” series just for the Fraze Gang re-release.
Remastered and revised by the band and with the addition of a new track – the catchy “Jackhammer” mixed by legendary Beau Hill – this reissue appeared two years after.

The disc starts off with the catchy “Jackhammer” a pretty ’80s tune with a melodic vibe, then appears a much modern sound with with “Blow Me Away” and its crisp riffing, which drifts into the very Beggars & Thieves sounding “Savior”.
Other tracks bring to mind Brighton Rock’s last studio 90s album, others 2000’s Night Ranger, some Cinderella influences on a couple of bluesy numbers, etc.

Originally appeared when the melodic hard rock resurgence was on a roll, ‘Fraze Gang’ was received with open arms by all the melodic rock community and the press.
The band keep together for almost ten years, performing the circuit and releasing another full length CD, then Brighton Rock reunited again few years ago and are working in a new LP.
Highly Recommended


01 – Jackhammer (new song / mixed by Beau Hill)
02 – Blow Me Away
03 – Savior
04 – Broken Hero
05 – Sugar Daddy
06 – Rainbow Eyes
07 – Paradise
08 – High Life
09 – I Stand Alone
10 – You Had it All
11 – Stargazer
12 – Roll With the Punches
13 – Hot Rod

Greg Fraser (Brighton Rock) – Lead vocals, guitar
Stevie Skreebs (Brighton Rock) – Bass & backing vocals
Phil Epp – Drums & backing vocals
Rob Patterson, Fred Maiuri, Tim Hicks, Corey MacFadyen – Keyboards
Tom Gagliardi, Teri Andrusiw, Larry Townsend – backing vocals


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