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After many years iconic American songwriter MARK SPIRO returned to business with his sixth solo album “It’s A Beautiful Life” released via AOR Heaven Records. Between AOR circles Spiro is a star, but his name, solo career and songwriting contributions are pretty unknown for major rock audiences, although all of you have already listened at least one of the magical melodies coming from his pen.
For starters, Mark has co-written songs for Bad English, Heart, Winger or REO Speedwagon to name a few. Seven out of eleven songs from Giant’s classic ‘Last Of The Runaways’ (including the immortal ‘I’ll See You In My Dreams’) are penned by Spiro together with the Huff bros.

That said, Spiro is a master in the songwriting department, and an accomplished singer / musician as well.
On his solo albums, and “It’s A Beautiful Life” isn’t an exception, Spiro’s style towards to AOR / Melodic Rock sounds, but also to classic Americana blended with Classic Rock.
The majority of the songs consist of sweet melodies plenty of pulsating acoustic guitar chords and clean instrumentation, with occasional keyboards and some strong electric six-string riffs.
The focus is very clear – and that’s indeed the singer / songwriter feeling of – his voice. This voice belongs to you as it comes from a relaxed, smiling mouth – “It’s A Beautiful Life” is not just the title, but also the theme of the album.

The CD starts with the title track “It’s A Beautiful Life”, a smooth, radio friendly melodic rock song with a striking chorus. “I know who I love” has a more contemporary beat combined with acoustic guitars.
“Come Back To Me” is one of the highlights. An outstanding song with a catchy refrain and an infectious melody.
The disc gets more relaxed with the mid-pacer delicate melody of “Love Struck Dumb”, an elegant Americana song with tons of class.
Another highlight for me is the “Go Another Mile”, an irresistible radio rocker with solid guitars and superb songwriting.

“Dance The Lonely Spotlight” is a West Coast oriented tune driven by a pulsating bass line, adorned with nice keyboards. The sweet harmony vocals are cleverly arranged and performed.
On “Might As Well Be Me” Spiro adds more electric guitars to the mix. It’s a good and simple rock song with a catchy chorus. “Dream Big, Pray Hard” has a very commercial feeling ala Bryan Adams, followed by the beautiful pop/rocker “Everything I Do” which features a contagious harmonic cadence.

MARK SPIRO - It's A Beautiful Life - back

“It’s A Beautiful Life” conjures the best of the classic AOR, West Coast and Adult Contemporary styles into one CD. But not with the typical bombastic & lush sound of the genre, just with Spiro’s personal approach.
This is a man with absolutely nothing to prove. He has written and performed everything on this disc, which oozes quality.
All these songs are beautifully crafted, the whole album has a crisp, sharp, clear sound and the guitar work and indeed the likeable vocals from Spiro himself are immaculate.
“It’s A Beautiful Life” is another fine piece of music from one of the best rock songwriters ever.


01 – It’s A Beautiful Life
02 – I Know Who I Love
03 – Come Back To Me
04 – Love Struck Dumb
05 – Go Another Mile
06 – Dance The Lonely Spotlight
07 – Might As Well Be Me
08 – Brand New Beautiful Day
09 – Dream Big, Pray Hard
10 – Everything I Do
11 – A Beautiful Mistake (bonus track)

Mark Spiro – Everything
John McLennon – Guitars on 7, 10



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