MARK SPIRO – Care Of My Soul Vol.1 [Special Edition remastered]

MARK SPIRO - Care Of My Soul Vol.1 [remastered] (2012)

“Care Of My Soul” was the first proper MARK SPIRO solo album after collaborating with countless major artists as songwriter and arranger. His name is often named in the same breath as the likes of Desmond Child and Diane Warren, but there are some differences easy to see between Spiro and those two hit machines.

Whilst Child’s and Warren’s direction are more traditional (not meaning less good) Spiro challenges both himself and his audience more. For “Care Of My Soul”, Spiro took the time to carefully select his best tunes and helped by excellent session musicians like the exquisite Tim Pierce on guitars, recorded these songs with the typical and classy Mark Spiro AOR style, plenty of moody verses & choruses and lots of soft and raspy vocals.

After many years of its original release, Spiro decided to re-release “Care Of My Soul” re-entitled “Care Of My Soul Vol.1 [Special Edition]“, remastered and re-mixed, including previously unreleased tracks, re-arranged song sequence and new artwork.
If you like Spiro’s delicious songwriting and beautifully crafted soft AOR sounds, you’ll love this.


01 – Care Of My Soul

02 – One Of The Reasons

03 – King Arthur

04 – Wheels May Rust

05 – Drop In The Ocean

06 – Between The Raindrops

07 – The Fishermen 3

08 – Women Be True

09 – Wallflower Ranch

10 – You Can’t Take That Away

11 – Interlude

12 – Lately

13 – Everything Changes

14 – Hey Daisy (previously unreleased)

15 – Encinitas (previously unreleased)

Mark Spiro – Vocals, Guitar
Tim Pierce – Guitars
Kevin Wyatt – Bass
Jamey Jaz – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jimmy Keegan – Drums
Mike Fisher – Percussion
Pete Candoli – Horns
Lisa Haley, Armen Ksajikian – Strings
Julian Lennon – Vocals
Martika, Christopher Bogan, Lua Crofts, Naimeh Heath, Kelly Sachs, Sandy Simmons, Leslie Spiro – Backing Vocals



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