SOLEIL MOON – Worlds Apart (debut album)

SOLEIL MOON - Worlds Apart (debut album) full

Many of you asked for SOLEIL MOON‘s debut album “Worlds Apart”, an outstanding record you need to check out if you’re into classy, elegant AOR / West Coast music.
Formed in the mid-Nineties by the duo of session musicians Larry King and John Blasucci, the creation of their first album involved the likes of Michael Thompson, Paul Jackson Jr., Lenny Castro, Kenny Aronoff and Todd Sucherman (among others), that meaning part of the crew of the legendary L.A. Session musicians.

With Rock music roots, Larry wrote songs and sung backing tracks for other artists, and even composed a rock opera staged in the US East area. John is a trained session keyboardist and orchestrator, however from a completely different musical background as he came from the jazz scene where recorded on countless albums and played with big names of the genre.

What they have done (and still do these days) with Soleil Moon is pure magic. Both took enough time to compose, arrange and polish one of the best West Coast AOR / Adult Contemporary albums of all time.
Yes, it’s that good.

For this magnificent recording, they secured the contribution of top session players to give these superb songs the quality playing they deserved. Masters of the highest caliber such as guitar maestro Michael Thompson (just listen the track “I’d Die For You”, possibly, his best recording ever), drummer extraordinaire Kenny Aronoff, Warren Hill on sax, percussion man Lenny Castro (has recorded on almost 1,000 albums) and even the London Symphony Orchestra.
That’s what I call ‘got contacts’.

One can write an endless review trying to showcase the wonders of each track included into “Worlds Apart”, on how marvelously written, arranged, performed & produced they are, but still you can’t find enough words to describe this smooth AOR little masterpiece.
Simply, you need to listen to it entirely.

Instead, I beg you not to miss this golden CD. You have it all here; smooth West Coast, AOR, Adult Contemporary, stylized Pop, Classic Rock… everything.
Just BRILLIANT, with Capitals.


01 – Willingly
02 – Never Say Goodbye
03 – Ohio
04 – Warm Summer Rain
05 – Worlds Apart
06 – I’d Die For You (Orchestral Introduction)
07 – I’d Die For You
08 – You & Me
09 – Calling On the World
10 – I Need You Close To Me
11 – Love Me Like You Used To
12 – What Are You Dreaming

Larry King – vocals
John Blasucci – keyboards, synths
Session players:
Michael Thompson, Paul Jackson Jr. – guitars
Ricky Petersen – organ
Warren Hill – sax
Lenny Castro – percussion
Kenny Aronoff, Todd Sucherman – drums
London Symphony Orchestra



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  1. LDKo says:

    Thanks so much for this sharing.
    Kind regards from Hong Kong

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was one of those people asking for this one. Thanks for sharing!

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