DAVE CLARK – Rock City (2019)

DAVE CLARK - Rock City (2019) full

Released today, “Rock City” is DAVE CLARK‘s first full-length solo release, an album more than 30 years in the making. While now based in Arizona, this singer-songwriter knows Northeast Ohio well: he used to perform with the local hard rock outfits Baby Blue, Dreamer, Rough House. and others Now Dave is delivering 11 original compositions that put an updated twist on the glory days of late ’80s / early ’90s US melodic hard rock.
As example, the song ‘If You Only Knew’ was recorded 1992, with vocals & keyboards recently added to bring the past into the present. So you get an idea of what “Rock City” is all about.

Remember sitting on the lawn with a cold beer in your hand listening to your favorite band perform songs about wild parties and great times that would last forever? “Rock City” it’s kind of like that.
However, musically, “Rock City” is not ‘glammy’, but earthy melodic hard rock with an American 1990-1992 sound.

Clark handles all vocals and keyboards, as well as the majority of rhythm, lead and bass guitars, assisted by engineer and guitar virtuoso Kolby Peoples who handled lead guitar duties on the catchy melodic rocker ‘Alisa’, the rocking ‘Dreamin’, ‘Make Me Laugh’ (some Night Ranger here), and the rocker ‘Light Up The Sky’ which brings to mind some Johnny Lima.

Jimmy Clark (formerly Joan Jett, Debbie Harry, Patty Smyth) delivered drums on 5 tracks, with J.B. Kocis, Mark Savale and John Skrada filling out the drum roster. Wish You Were Here’s Eroc Sosinski contributed bass to four tracks and bassist Dave Kriedeman appeared on the 92’s recorded ‘If You Only Knew’, a power ballad with a feeling of that era.

“Rock City” is trip back to the days when American Rock was all about melody, clean vocals and rocking guitars. Clearly, it’s an album crafted from the heart, nicely produced with an indie feel yet there’s resides it charm.
True Rock is not dead in America.


01 – Alisa
02 – Make Me Laugh
03 – Spend Some Time on Love
04 – Light up the Sky
05 – Will to Survive
06 – Lonely No More
07 – Why Does She Cry
08 – Dreamin’
09 – It’s Not Too Late
10 – Dream Chaser
11 – If You Only Knew

Dave Clark – vocal, guitars, bass, keyboards
Kolby Peoples – guitar
Eric “Eroc” Sosinski (Wish You Were Here) – bass
J.B. Kocis, Mark Savale, John Skrada – drums
Jimmy Clark (Joan Jett, Debbie Harry) – drums, percussion



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