7th HEAVEN – Covered (2019)

7th HEAVEN - Covered (2019) full

The new album by US melodic rockers 7th HEAVEN titled “Covered” is a collection of great songs from around the world; which some of you might not know of, but should. The band hand-picked some artists / songs that were never exposed to the masses, never played on radio, while many are from well known acts such as Bon Jovi, Rick Springfield, Def Leppard, H.E.A.T, Saigon Kick, and more.

7th Heaven said: ” We feel classic Rock/Pop music is still alive with many people, and we think we can turn our fan base onto new music; while at the same time, possibly turn people from around the world on to 7th Heaven.
We re-recorded these songs in our style, and we hope you enjoy some great new music to listen to.”

And indeed they did it: while many of these songs are melodic rock tunes since its inception, others not exactly. 7th Heaven morphed all of them into the infectious, joyful sound the band is known for and the result is a really enjoyable ‘playlist’ to listen to over and over again.

It’s curious to see a song from a Scandinavian band here – H.E.A.T’s ‘Mannequin Show’ – very well done with an ‘Americanized’ touch, Bon Jovi’s ‘On The Edge Of A Broken Heart’ re-done with an updated style, or ‘Como Te Deseo’ by Mexican band Mana.
All songs are very well arranged to 7th Heaven’s style, and all are good songs in its own right. Btw, I love the version of my favorite Saigon Kick tune (‘Love Is On The Way’), and their take on Queen’s classic ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.
Highly Recommended


1. Oxygen
Originally Performed by: Lincoln Brewster

2. If You Don’t Mean It
Originally Performed by: Dean Geyer

3. Outfield
Originally Performed by: The Night Game

4. Long Long Way To Go
Originally Performed by: Def Leppard

5. Mannequin Show
Originally Performed by: H.E.A.T

6. It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)
Originally Performed by: 1975

7. Overdrive
Originally Performed by: Ola

8. Como Te Deseo
Originally Performed by: Mana

9. Darkside Of The Sun
Originally Performed by: Tokio Hotel

10. Don’t Stop Me Now
Originally Performed by: Queen

11. What’s Victoria’s Secret
Originally Performed by: Rick Springfield

12. On The Edge Of A Broken Heart
Originally Performed by: Bon Jovi

13. Try
Originally Performed by: P!nk

14. Hotter Than Fire
Originally Performed by: Eric Saade

15. Love Is On The Way
Originally Performed by: Saigon Kick

16. Rollercoaster
Originally Performed by: Bleachers

17. You’re So Beautiful
Originally Performed by: Flickerstick

18. Tubthumping
Originally Performed by: Chumbawamba

19. Young Turks
Originally Performed by: Rod Stewart

20. Bawitdaba
Originally Performed by: Kid Rock


Adam Heisler – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Richard Hofherr – Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Nick Cox – Guitars, Vocals
Mark Kennetz – Bass, Vocals
Michael Mooshey – Drums
Additional Back-Up Vocals:
Keith Semple
Tony Di Giulio
Tamara Mooshey



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  1. JL says:

    I cannot download from this new downloaded page that pos up. I haven’t downloaded anything this week and it’s telling me I’ve reached my limit for connections? Can you go back to using the old service you had been using? Cheers

  2. -= Sisters Of Mercy =- says:

    Fantastic!!! My favorite cover band returns!

    thank you

  3. -= Sisters Of Mercy =- says:

    JL is probably referring to the fact that Filecrypt renews the ticket several times a day. So, if you are using a download tool like jDownloader, it shows the link is dea, when it is actually still alive!

    JL, if you are using a downloader, you have to click on the actual link within the Filecrypt page and let that page load (usually Uploaded) then copy that actual link!

    hope that helps/

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