7th HEAVEN – Jukebox (15-CD release)

7th HEAVEN - Jukebox (15-CD release) full

Since their start in 1985 (yes, that long ago), 7th HEAVEN has grown to one of the biggest indie bands of the world. Not that they sell albums by the truckload, but mainly because they have made a name for themselves as a very active live act playing approximately 200 shows per year.
“Jukebox” is the mammoth 15-CD Box released by the band including their previous works until 2010 plus dozens of new tracks exclusive to this release.

“Jukebox” is the quintessential collection of 7th HEAVEN’s best songs, and lots of new great melodies.
Many styles of Rock music are found conglomerating here, but basically is influenced by many groups of both the Eighties & Nineties while adding a modern, own touch. Think a poppier version of Def Leppard, Foreigner, etc.

Radio-friendly tunes with a lot of hit potential is the best way to describe what these guys have delivered and as such, it’s almost unbelievable to see that they didn’t grow into a mega act by now.
Each song rocks in its own way and all CD’s are laden with a ton of melodic goodies.

7th HEAVEN - Jukebox (15-CD release) CDs photo

“Jukebox” was originally released as a single disc featuring selected tracks, but this is the 15-CD Box including 700 songs!
These are not medley’s, but complete songs, rounding more than 1,000 minutes of music.


Check the 15-CD tracklist here:


Richard Hofherr – Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Keith Semple – Lead Vocals
Nick Cox – Guitars, Vocals
Mark Kennetz – Bass, Vocals
Michael Mooshey, Dan Miller – Drums
Danny Weymouth – Bass
Andrew Blake – Vocals
Matt Clark – Vocals
Mark Jones – Vocals
Tony DiGulio – Vocals
Michael Sean – Vocals
Peter Greco – Vocals
Vic Vasquez – Vocals
Famous Amos – Vocals
Chris Senior – Bass
Stephen Jensen – Bass
Dan Cassidy – Vocals
Melissa Dye – Vocals
Sean Albrect – Vocals



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