EDDIE MONEY – Shakin’ With The Money Man (4 New Studio Tracks + Live)

EDDIE MONEY - Shakin' With The Money Man (4 New Studio Tracks + Live) full

One EDDIE MONEY album you need to check is the quite unknown – and hard to find now – “Shakin’ With The Money Man”. Perhaps being released in Nineties when this type of music was out of fashion, this is a really good showcase for Money’s talents, featuring a hot live recording including his biggest hits, plus 4 new studio tracks co-written by Curt Cuomo (Stan Bush) / John Waite / Paul Stanley, and with the greats Richie Zito, Kenny Arnoff and Mike Beard among the stupendous session musicians.

There’s an irresistible classy Money melody to midtempo ‘Something To Believe In’, we have a smooth melodic rocker in ‘If We Ever Get Out Of This Place’ (co-penned by Kiss’ Paul Stanley and with a sweet Richie Zito guitar solo), and you can tell John Waite’s songwriting on the AOR waves of ‘Can You Fall In Love Again’.

The live set was recorded in 1997 at the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana, CA, where Eddie performs his biggest hits (“Two Tickets to Paradise,” “Baby Hold On,” and “Take me Home Tonight”) and the sound quality is excellent.

The versions are more rocking than the original studio takes with a strong guitar drive and an overall punchy feeling. The band sounds terrific, as well as Money’s performance. It has been rumored that Eddie Money dubbed some of his vocals in the studio – true or not, his voice is very strong here.
Highly Recommended


01 – Something To Believe In (new studio track)
02 – If We Ever Get Out Of This Place (new studio track)
03 – Can You Fall In Love Again (new studio track)
04 – Everybody Loves Christmas (new studio track)

05 – 2 Tickets To Paradise (Live)
06 – Wanna Go Back (Live)
07 – She Takes My Breath Away (Live)
08 – Where’s The Party (Live)
09 – Gimme Some Water (Live)
10 – Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star (Live)
11 – Everybody Rock & Roll The Place (Live)
12 – Baby Hold On (Live)
13 – Take Me Home Tonight (Live)
14 – Shakin’ (Live)

Eddie Money – vocals
Richie Zito – guitar
Tommy Girvin – guitar, backing vocals
Bill Mason – keyboards
Arthur Burrows – bass, keyboards
Mark Harris – bass
Kenny Arnoff – drums & percussion
Mike Beard – drums & percussion
Trent Strow – bass (live)
John Snider – drums (live)
Ronnie Spector – lead vocals on 4
Mortonette Jenkins, Shandel Farrior – backing vocals
Curt Cuomo – backing vocals, songwriting



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