PISTON (UK Hard Rock) – Piston [CD version +2] (2019)

PISTON (UK Hard Rock) - Piston [CD version +2] (2019) full

British hard rockers PISTON have been going since 2012 but having gone under the radar till now, their first, self-titled album finally arrives in a year where they seem to be touring extensively and belatedly attracting attention.
Piston aren’t reinventing the wheel with their music as they deliver some straight up classic hard rock that is almost impossible not to like. And although the songs themselves seem to simple, the reality is that it’s tough to write effective, simple great songs.

Piston rely on some straight yet seductive guitar riffs, the raspy vocals from Rob Angelico and a solid rhythm section. They are not shy from repeating guitar riffs, vocals, etc. to get them embedded in your mind. The opening track ‘Dynamite’ with the words “C’mon, c’mon” is a prime example, a spit in your face rock n roll.

In contrast ‘Rainmaker’ has more light and shade, and Rob even sounds somewhat like UFO’s Phil Mogg. On other songs, he sounds like John Corabi with a certain swagger that is really enjoyable.
‘Carry Us Home’ is a total contrast four songs in, a rootsy, countrified blues that owes much to Black Crowes and also reminds me of another rising band Bad Touch.

Indeed on several songs they come over as a rawer, less polished version of the latter, notably ‘Leave If You Dare’ with bluesy riffs from the guitar pairing of Jack Edwards and Luke Allatt, and the impressive ‘Let Us Rise’.
‘One More Day’ rocks out in the urgent style of Gun or The Cult, while there’s a couple of ballads too, Carry Me Home” and the more atmospheric closer ‘Into The Night’.

Many bands could learn a lesson or two from Piston on why keeping things simple can yield great results. Piston are definitely a band to watch out for and play a simple brand of rock n’roll that can potentially be appreciated by many, many people.
With remixes of two songs stuck onto the end (only available on physical this CD), this is a very promising debut. In other words, with the right marketing and push behind them, Piston could become a household name.
Highly Recommended


01 – Dynamite
02 – Rainmaker
03 – Go Now
04 – Carry Us Home
05 – One More Day
06 – Beyond Repair
07 – Leave If You Dare
08 – Blow It Away
09 – Let Us Rise
10 – Into the Night
11 – One More Day (Romesh Dodangoda Remix) [CD bonus]
12 – Rainmaker (Romesh Dodangoda Remix) [CD bonus]

Rob Angelico – Vocals
Jack Edwards – Guitar
Luke Allatt – Guitar
Stuart Egan – Bass
Brad Newlands – Drums



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