VICE (Ger) – 3 Fingers Up (2019)

VICE (Ger) - 3 Fingers Up (2019) full

Formed in the ’80s Southern Germany, melodic hard rockers VICE returned during this decade with a new album after many years, and fortunately it didn’t take so long fora new CD, this brand new titled “3 Fingers Up”
Sometimes there are bands that just for some reason never hit the elite mainstream but can resonate with you like the rest. Vice is one of those bands for me. With time, their late 80s record ‘Made For Pleasure’ has become an underground classic, and now Vice has the chance to capure new fans with their upcoming tour supporting Hardline.

Ignonre the naif cover artwork, the music inside is much better. So let’s get into this album, and just how fun, and good it truly is. It kicks off with “Shitty Shituation” a guitar sound that will instantly remind you of the crunchy guitars of bands such as Victory or Treat’s heavier side. Personally, I instantly loved it. Sharp guitars, pounding drums, and the vocals are all a cohesive unit of musical greatness, and the play on the words is very clever and well-written.

“License To Rock” follows with a straight forward riff, an anthemic stadium chorus, and lyrics that are pretty much self-explanatory. The song basically is telling you the band’s mandate. To simply rock your ass off, with no regrets.
“The Jerk” is a fun tune with a different start. A kind of groove that could almost sound like a beach bum tune on acid. Simply put a fun “party” hard rock song.

Now like many people, I have never been a huge fan of cover tunes, but there are times where it’s almost better than the original.
The guys do an absolute gem of Joan Jett‘s “I Hate Myself For Loving You”. The band has taken an already rocking tune and literally turned it up to 12. More hard and edgy then the original, this could be a great first or second single from the album!

Tille track “3 Fingers Up“ and “Name The Game” are all straight forward melodic hard rockers driven by strong and solid musicianship all the way throughout, and still have that 80’s throwback to them, but still, sound fresh at the same time.
Then a ballad needs to hit up: “Dreaming About You” has been finely arranged and it reminded me a bit of Mr. Big. It’s a really cool track to sing along and just enjoy some peace after the previous rockers.

I really enjoyed Vice’s re-make of “Made For Pleasure”, the title track from the 1988 debut album. The band has taken their own song and given it a harder, edgier sound, and completely reinvented it. And in my opinion, made it so much better.

VICE (Ger) - 3 Fingers Up (2019)

Last on the album is the ballad “What Will You Do”, a well-performed heartfelt piece with some cool orchestrations mixed up with clean guitar sounds and a beautiful solo as well.

I’d have to say that Germans Vice are back with another fun, hard rockin’ album that made me excited to listen to and get my music hungry fingers on.
All songs are well-produced, well-written, and have that 80s party, “Happy Metal” feel I love to hear. At the same time, there’s quite interesting arrangements, far from the ordinary for this genre.
Highly Recommended


01 – Shitty Shituation
02 – License to Rock
03 – The Jerk
04 – Fuck U
05 – I Hate Myself for Loving You
06 – Multiply Show
07 – 3 Fingers Up
08 – Name the Game
09 – Dreaming About You
10 – Made 4 Pleasure
11 – What Will You Do?

Vocals: Mario “Mitch” Michel
Guitar: Chris “Yps” Limburg
Bass: Sebi Weininger
Drums: Andy Eugster



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