EDENBRIDGE – Dynamind (2019)

EDENBRIDGE - Dynamind (2019) full

Symphonic melodic metallers EDENBRIDGE will release their tenth studio album, “Dynamind”, on October 25. Any band wanting to leave its mark in our fast-lived world needs first and foremost two things: compositional substance and consistency, and band leader & multi-instrumentalist Lanvall did it again; he has produced another offering that’s ambitious in every respect and will, without a doubt, go down in the band’s history as its “toughest” release to date.

Arne Lanvall Stockhammer likes his symphonic metal served with high doses of melody, and at many places, catchiness. And in my opinion, “Dynamind” is the band’s most complete album fulfilling that premise.
The album kicks off in typical symphonic fashion, yet with a lovely balance between power and melodic metal groove, and aside the fine performances there’s some big production and swirling arrangements.

‘Oceans Collide’ is a great melodic number with some nice harmonies going on in the vocals, while ‘On The Other Side’ features a strong Irish feel. The change in the mood makes for a breath of fresh air, and it’s a feel that works too, Sabine Edelsbacher’s vocals clearly versatile.

‘Tauerngold’ kicks off sounding epic, and there’s a little gothic touch to the ballad too. The track I had to dive straight to was ‘The Last Of His Kind’ which, at over 12 minutes, takes a deep dive into prog metal territory. From moody to uplifting and back again, the band take you on lyrical, melodic and musical journey here, a few bars mid-song sounding Pink Floydish.

In places this album is much more atmospheric than most of the genre and more melodic for sure, with less than expected ventures into metallic grounds. If an album can be a concept musically but not lyrically, this gets close.
Go in with that in mind and it’s genuinely very enjoyable.
Highly Recommended


01. The Memory Hunter
02. Live And Let Go
03. Where The Oceans Collide
04. On The Other Side
05. All Our Yesterdays
06. The Edge Of Your World
07. Tauerngold
08. What Dreams May Come
09. The Last Of His Kind
10. Dynamind

Sabine Edelsbacher – Vocals
Lanvall – Guitars, Keyboards, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Percussion, Dulcimer
Dominik Sebastian – Guitars
Johannes Jungreithmeier – Drums
Stefan Gimpl – Bass


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