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Ole Børud is far from a newcomer in the Norwegian music scene. Few artists are as widely experienced.
Starting his singing career at the age of five, Ole appeared on his first record already the year after. From the age of sixteen, he has been a full-time musician, both singing and playing guitar, with numerous bands and artists in a variety of genres and settings. Ole has toured every continent, and starred on almost twenty album releases.
“Keep Movin'” is Ole’s first ‘international’ album, and one that gained world wide praise.

He has previously released two solo albums, and they’re both high class recordings. The first one was “Chi-rho” (2000), delivering melodic pop/rock cover songs with one foot in the modern way of producing them, while still remaining with the other foot in the world of AOR. It contained songs by the likes of White Heart, PFR and others, performed in a flawless way.
However, Ole then headed for self-made songs and turned into the Westcoast AOR style with his follow-up “Shakin’ The Ground” (2008). The album was absolutely one of the best ones in this genre to see the light of day in the past few years.
I’ve also been told he’s got a metal band that’s supposed to be great – it seems this Norwegian can handle any kind of music… and this new “Keep Movin” album might be his best to date.

For anyone into high quality classic Westcoast AOR mixed with smooth, catchy, stylized funk overtones, Ole Borud is all what you need. He’s got it all: one of the best voices in the circuit, fantastic songs, clever arrangements and a luxury set of session musicians.
From the first track “High Time” you know this gonna be a perfectly produced album. This is a really catchy and vibrant funk-rock/soul peppered with explosive horns and a great slap bass.
“Rock Steady” is very american sounding, melodic and organic, with a foot-tappin’ infectious chorus. Excellent vocal harmonies and feel good vibe.

“Awaiting Your Reply” is the first pure Westcoast track on the album, complete with organ and a night-drive groove. Very classy tune in the earlier Chicago style.
“Keep Movin” is a dynamic commercial R&B inspired in the best Earth, Wind & Fire motto but with a modern sound and production. Again, awesome vocal arrangements and excellent guitars reminiscent of TOTO.

And now… the highlight (amongst many) of the CD: “Broken People” is just an instant classic. A wonderful, pure westcoast/AOR ala PAGES or AIRPLAY. This is a magical tune, one of the best of the year without a doubt. The harmony vocals are perfect, period.
If you don’t have enough, next “Make A Change” is another little masterpiece. Real L.A. scene feel on this one, it’s like a trip to an ’80s lounge surrounded with its smooth and velvety melody. The Jay Graydon-like guitar solo is perfect.
“She’s Like No Other” is Ole’s tribute to his mother, and it’s a soul/westcoast melody somewhere in the neighborhood of GINO VANNELLI and EDIN/ÅDAHL.

“Souls In Chains” is one of the most original tracks on this CD, featuring a complex backbeat in the TOTO vein. The guitar and bass picking in the verse is nicely executed and shows the wide variation that Börud presents in his arrangements. This song gives you LA Westcoast and fusion in one and the same song.
Do you like Tommy Funderburk? Then you’ll love “Step Into My Light”. Borud vocals here are simply marvelous (to be honest, that’s it all over this great album).
Final track is another incredible smooth and high class song, a terrific ballad influenced by PAGES or NIELSEN/PEARSON’s self-titled album. Borud is so integral as musician… the guitar solo on this particular track delivered by himself is so good that both Jay Graydon and Tim Pierce or Michael Landau would have been proud of.

Børud’s music is a result of his diverse background, and is just as exciting. Exquisite harmonies and sophisticated arrangements bears proof of his love for late ’70s / ’80s Westcoast, whereas the rhythms are deeply rooted in smooth funk and classic R&B.
The album is in many ways a musical encounter between west coast sunshine and a gritty east coast urbanity, where you can hear inspiration from artists as different as Jay Graydon, Pages, Steely Dan, Airplay.
It all gets so vivid when you get real instruments all the way on a CD like this one.

But what really gives the album its distinctive stamp, is Ole Børud’s incomparable voice: as crystal clear as it is, it leaves a unique personal signature, carrying the tunes with nerve, heart and soul.
Did I mention Ole is also masterfully producing “Keep Movin” himself? And in a very dynamic way.
With some of the best Norwegian musicians in the back-up band, the stage is set for one of the most groundshaking musical experiences of the year.
Highly Recommended


01 – High Time
02 – Rock Steady
03 – Awaiting Your Reply
04 – Keep Movin
05 – Broken People
06 – Make A Change
07 – Heaven Is On My Side
08 – She’s Like No Other
09 – Souls In Chains
10 – Step Into My Light
11 – Resting Day

Ole Børud : vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming
Ruben Dalen : drums, percussion, keyboards
Lars Erik Dahle : bass (2, 5, 6, 8, 11)
Frode Østang Mangen : Rhodes piano, wurlitzer, hammond, synths
Jens Petter Antonsen : trumpet, flugel horn
Børge Are Halvorsen : sax, flute
Even Kruse Skatrud : trombone
Markus Lillehaug Johnsen : guitar (solo on 5)
Hilde Stavnem Børud : backing vocals



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