OLE BØRUD – Stepping Up [Japan Edition +1] Out of Print

OLE BORUD - Stepping Up [Japan Edition +1] Out of Print full

With a high-quality sound reminiscent of Steely Dan’s Doobie Brothers, TOTO to Ned Doheny, OLE BORUD led the Westcoast AOR revival of recent years, a well known name for fans of the genre and a huge success in Japan. As requested, here’s Borud’s album ”Stepping Up”, in its Japanese edition including an exclusive bonus track.
From the downbeat of the soulful opening song “Think Twice”, you won’t have to as this highly infectious track breaks it down as you push play. Then “Maybe” will hook you with its breezy, melodic line and vocal arrangements. The chord progressions and harmonies on “Uptown Citizen” will put a big smile on your classic Westcoast face (more than 4 chords and 8th notes) with its amazing playing and an incredibly musical production.

Add to that the swing of “Givin’ Myself A Break”, the Steely vibe on “Keep This World Alive”, the energetic “Everywhere I Go” and you’ve got a dangerously live wire.
Other stand-out tracks include title track “Stepping Up” and ”Turn Me Around”. All of the music is composed by Ole Børud with the words by Børud and lyricist Jackie Kavan, while the arrangements are shared with his incredible band: Ruben Dalen (Drums / Percussion / Keys), Frode Mangen (Rhodes / Wurlitzer / Clavinet / Piano / Hammond / synthesizers / Keyboard Solos), Børge-Are Halvorsen (Saxophones), Even Skatrud (Horns).

With his brilliant sense of structure, melody, musicianship and message, Ole Børud continues to amaze and fulfill the promise of his previous works.
A West Coast AOR fans delight.


01 – Think Twice
02 – Maybe
03 – Uptown Citizen
04 – Giving Myself a Break
05 – Stepping Up
06 – Keep This World Alive
07 – Turn Me Around
08 – Driving
09 – On and On
10 – Everywhere I Go
11 – Touch The Sky (Bonus Track For Japan)

Ruben Dalen (Drums / Percussion / Keys)
Frode Mangen (Keys / Hammond / synthesizers)
Børge-Are Halvorsen (Saxophones)
Even Skatrud (Horns)
Ole Børud (Vocals, Guitars / Bass /Keys)


Out of Print

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