OLE BØRUD – Soul Letters [Japan Edition] (2022)

OLE BØRUD - Soul Letters [Japan Edition] (2022) full

While reduced to cult circles, we’re living in a renaissance of the soulful, funky side of West Coast AOR / pop of decades past – think Steely Dan, Michael McDonald and Doobie Brothers. They’ve all been rediscovered by hipsters and other trend-conscious music-fans, slightly ironically named «yacht-rock». However, all too few of them has noticed that one of the worlds best artists of the genre is Norwegian!
And that guy is OLE BORUD, releasing his new album “Soul Letters” which makes justice to its title: a soulful collection of smooth tunes and captivating ‘letters / lyrics’ all with that pristine, breezy sound from the classic West Coast AOR and its ‘Scandinavian’ touch.

Ole Børud has a voice that would make the late Seventies / early Eighties crooners proud, and he makes damn fine use of it throughout these songs. This is sophisticated easy listening music, the arrangements, the production, everything you love about Ole Børud music has come together again on this glorious new collection.
The chord progressions, harmonies and overall feel on this record will remind you of how good music can make you instantly feel. The compositions on this album seem to have more space than before and the songs breathe within the arrangements.

It’s such a pleasure to hear the influences of classic bands like Steely Dan, Pages, Chicago, Ambrosia, Bruce Hibbard, etc., tastefully blended in as a part of the extraordinarily original hybrid that only Ole Børud can create.
Highly Recommended


Village Gain Association Japan ZLCP~417
Soul Letters / Ole Borud

01. Love Remedy
02. Just for a Little While
03. At My Best
04. Ready to Hold You
05. Can’t Let Go
06. Without You
07. Coming Home
08. Thinking About It
09. Pay Attention
10. Lead the Way



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